Anticorruption informs the Supreme Prosecutor's Office against imputing Pablo Iglesias

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office has sent an internal note to the Supreme Court prosecutor, Luis Navajas, with his position contrary to the accusation of Pablo Iglesias and the rest of those indicated in the reasoned statement that the judge in the case Dina, Manuel García-Castellón, raised to the Criminal Chamber of the High Court, inform tax sources. In the note, Anticorrupción summarizes the development of the instruction and sets out the conclusions that García-Castellón did not claim before taking the step of requesting the Supreme Court to cite the second vice president of the Government as investigated.

The judge asks to impute Pablo Iglesias with the rumors that the lawyer fired by Podemos presented him

The judge asks to impute Pablo Iglesias with the rumors that the lawyer fired by Podemos presented him

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Anti-corruption appreciated evidence of the crime of disclosure of secrets and / or computer damage in the attitude of Iglesias but warned the judge in May that it was not possible to impute the leader of Podemos if the injured party, Dina Bousselham, did not take action against him, an extreme this that it has not occurred and against which the aforementioned itself was positioned in a letter sent to the Central Court of Instruction number 6. Anti-corruption asked the judge to summon Bousselham to clarify his position in court but García-Castellón repeatedly refused. In his rationale, the instructor in the Villarejo case proposes that it be the Supreme Court who does it once he imputes Pablo Iglesias.

The other crime attributed by the judge of the National Court to Iglesias is that of false denunciation. According to García-Castellón, the leader of Podemos would have concocted "a montage" to obtain "political profit" from the theft and subsequent dissemination of the content of his former collaborator's mobile. To argue this alleged setup, García-Castellón focuses mainly on the statement of the dismissed lawyer of Podemos José Manuel Calvente. Anti-corruption considers in its note that there are not enough evidence to support this accusation.

The lieutenant prosecutor Navajas will adopt a decision on Iglesias and the rest of those indicated by García Castellón (Dina Bousselha, Ricardo Sa Ferreira, Gloria Elizo, Raúl Carballedo and Marta Flor) after consulting with a group of courtroom prosecutors. With its report, the Admissions Chamber, made up of five magistrates, will decide whether to accept García-Castellón's rationale and summon them to testify as investigated or to file the case.


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