May 12, 2021

Anti-terrorist units investigate the threats while the Government warns that it “will not stop” until it finds the perpetrators

The anti-terrorist units of the Police and Civil Guard will be in charge of investigating the threats to the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grand-Marlaska; the director of the armed institute, María Gámez; and the candidate of United We Can to the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias. The Provincial Information Brigade will analyze the letters with ammunition received by Grande-Marlaska and Iglesias, as both have reported to the police station of the Congress of Deputies, while the Information Service of the Civil Guard will be in charge of finding out the origin of the letter received by the director, inform sources from both bodies. Threats to members of State institutions are usually investigated by these police structures, as happened a few months ago with the complaint filed by the judge of the National Court Manuel García-Castellón about messages on Twitter.

United We can reveal that Marlaska, Iglesias and the director of the Civil Guard have received a letter with bullets inside

United We can reveal that Marlaska, Iglesias and the director of the Civil Guard have received a letter with bullets inside

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The first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, has described as “very serious” the fact that “three political leaders, two of them institutional” received “a full-blown death threat and so that there would be no doubt by means of the corresponding bullets in the same envelope “. The Government has added. “It will not stop” until it finds the person or persons responsible for the shipments.

The Provincial Information Brigade is the local anti-terrorist and violent extremism structure in Madrid. With regard to the Civil Guard, the complaint was initially referred to the Central Operational Unit (UCO), a specialist in organized crime or drug trafficking, among other criminal typologies, but in the last hours it has been decided to refer it equally to his Information Service (SIGC), specify the sources consulted.

One of those threatened, Pablo Iglesias, has referred to the possible origin of the threats. “There is an element here, we are going to respect the investigation and we are going to see how far it goes, but there is one obvious thing, that whoever made this threat wanted to be seen as members of the Police and Civil Guard. In the letter to Marlaska speak openly that they stop doing what they are doing with the National Police and Civil Guard, “he said. in an interview with El Salto.

“Taponazos”, police term

Iglesias has referred to the use of the term “pops” to speak of shots that is used in the letters. “Police friends have explained to me that (the term) was not known outside of this sphere. Whether they are (police) or not, we’ll see, but they have meant that they were,” he added. In addition, the leader of Podemos has speculated that the nature of the author has to do with the fact that the letters and their threat “has not been detected in time.” “Let the investigation take place and there are immediate arrests, which is what we are all waiting for,” he added.

Until now, the scientific police units of both bodies have participated in the investigation and withdrawal of the letters. Yesterday morning, while Grande-Marlaska was at an event outside the Ministry, he was warned by the Ministry’s security officials of the arrival of the letter. Agents of the Scientific Police appeared at the headquarters of the department for a first inspection of the letter directed against him and against Iglesias, which was also sent to the Interior. Similarly, specialists from the Criminalistics Service inspected the letter addressed to María Gámez.

The complaint to the Police of the candidate of United We Can to the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, refers to death threats received at the offices of the Ministry of the Interior with a letter that included four bullets and the message “your wife, your parents and you are sentenced to capital punishment.” “I understand that these events constitute a serious threat against my life and that of my family, given that it is a threat that includes war material, which in appearance is real and belongs to a large-caliber weapon,” said Iglesias in the complaint, to which you have had access The United Podemos candidate adds that “the weapon to which the bullet belongs” is “an assault rifle, characteristic for its precision and power, as well as for its reliability, deducing from the delivery of the bullets that it belonged to a person with access to this type of weapon, including having them and their corresponding ammunition “, informs Aitor Riveiro.

The letter, along with two of the same sent to the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and the director of the Civil Guard, were made public this Thursday. Vox has diminished the veracity of the mere existence of the letters and his candidate in Madrid has said that he does not believe “anything” about this Government, which has led to Iglesias in a debate in the SER, followed by the rest of the candidates.

The Interior Minister said this Friday in the Senate that he prefers to wait until the investigation progresses to pronounce on the real risk of the threats. “The facts are recent, the investigations have just started and let them proceed properly and as always towards the Police and the Civil Guard with the effectiveness and efficiency that can be predicted”, he assured. “Actions of these characteristics are always worrying. We live in an environment of tension that I think goes beyond what is appropriate and normal for a normal coexistence. Many times we believe that absolutely rude statements in terms of terms fall into an empty bag and there is a lot of people who receive them inappropriately and improperly and that generates a system of risk outside the walls of a democratic society, “he added.


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