July 25, 2021

Anti-Semitic acts in France have risen 69% between January and September

Anti-Semitic acts in France have risen 69% between January and September

Anti-Semitic acts registered an increase of 69% in the first nine months of the year France, the Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, warned today in an article on his Facebook page.

"We are very far from having finished with anti-Semitism, I have just learned the latest data on the evolution of anti-Semitic acts in our country and they are implacable." After two years of decline, the number of attacks increased more than 69% in the first nine months of the year, "denounced Philippe.

The publication of the head of the Government coincided with the 80th anniversary of the so-called "Night of the Broken Glass", which took place in Nazi Germany on November 9, 1938, with systematic attacks against the Jews, which in many cases were violated and its businesses and vandalized synagogues.

Philippe advanced some of the measures prepared by his Executive to fight against racism, such as the experimentation of a network of investigators and magistrates trained "specifically in the fight against acts of hate", and an online "pre-denunciation" device, already working.

"Do not remain indifferent means educating young generations in respect of others." Starting in mid-November, in the Ministry of Education a team will be permanently mobilized to intervene in schools to support any teacher who faces problems of anti-Semitism ", he pointed.

He recalled that in 2019 the Government will amend the law against hate attacks in the network so that this type of content can be quickly removed from virtual portals and social networks.

Philippe said that his Government will act so that this is also a priority for the European Parliament and the European Commission after the elections next May.

"Every aggression perpetrated against one of our citizens for being Jewish resonates like a new broken glass," the prime minister said.

After reaching a peak in 2014 and 2015, with more than 800 acts against members of that community registered in each of these years, the figure decreased by 58% in 2016 and again by 7% in 2017, when 311 anti-Semitic acts were denounced .


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