January 18, 2021

‘Anti-riot’, a series that seeks to investigate “beyond the helmets”

Still from & # 039; Anti-riot & # 039 ;.

Still from ‘Anti-riot’.

The Madrid filmmaker Rodrigo Sorogoyen recognizes that his “fondness for the characters, more than for the plots” has made the ‘Anti-riot’ series, created together with Isabel Peña, try to go beyond the helmets, for many, the most visible part of this group.

We were interested in getting into the houses and the lives of these people, of which we only know the helmets and armor, we do not know what is behind it, “he said in an online session of the La Buena Estrella cycle at the University of Zaragoza this Thursday.

The scriptwriter Isabel Peña, creator of the series with Sorogoyen and who has also participated in the debate with the actors Vicky Luengo, Roberto Álamo and Álex García, agrees. “He was so attractive to us because we didn’t know him at all. We had the image of a group, mostly men, with helmets that prevent you from seeing their faces and gloves that prevent you from seeing their hands, “adds Peña.

The Zaragoza screenwriter relates that when they were planning the series, presented at the last San Sebastián film festival and available at Movistar +They met some of these policemen to get to know them better.

We had several coffees with four riot gear and met four completely different men“, continues the creator, who contrasts this heterogeneity with the image that can be created with the naked eye of a” group of soldiers “.

Showing not only their work, but also that more human part, Sorogoyen and Peña, who already won the Goya for Best Original Screenplay in 2018 for ‘El Reino’, are now attending their “first public success”, boosted by the impact of television and series format.

In this sense, Sorogoyen highlights that the popularity reached by the series has made them verify that it is not true, as “they make us believe”, that “the smarter you treat the viewer, the fewer people see it”, since ‘Riot Control’ is “very demanding” for those who see it.

The two film writers, who became interested in the universe of riot police as a result of the 15-M Movement, point out that either there will be a second season or they will create a new proposal with Movistar +.

The journalist Luis Alegre, in his role as moderator, praised the “narrative energy” of this story and the way the creators built the characters, so he has given the floor to the actors to learn about their experiences during filming.

For Vicky Luengo, who plays Inspector Laia Urquijo, it was difficult to get her hands on “such a complex character” and that allowed her so many possibilities as an actress.

“He fascinated me because he is a real person: you see him err, fail, win and lose; that attracted me a lot”, confesses the interpreter.

Roberto Álamo, in the series one of the riot police, acknowledges that he did not have a very accurate image of these professionalss, who had not imagined “in family”.

For this reason, he emphasizes that the filmmakers have done something “very valuable”: “Put the focus where it was not, in addition to their work, in the human, something that almost nobody does“.

Actor Álex García believes that the series makes people “think beyond judgments, which only lead us to the flat and to generalize”. The Canarian interpreter says that during the recording “he knew he was going to be proud” of what they were doing, since each part of the series was a “capitulazo” and he recognized as an actor that the text “did not lower his guard”.


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