Anti-corruption will investigate a contract after a complaint from the PP that alludes to Pedro Sánchez

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office has initiated investigative proceedings to determine if there is sufficient evidence with which to file a complaint for seven of the thirteen pandemic contracts that the Popular Party denounced and that would be linked to members of the Government, through relatives or close friends.

One of these contracts affects a company that, according to the Popular Party, belonged to Pedro Sánchez's parents, who sold their assets before the awards but who would still appear as attorneys-in-fact. The Prosecutor's Office specifies that it opens the investigation proceedings because there are no indications against the appraised, that is, that it does not appreciate for now any connection with the events of the President of the Government.

The complainant, explains Anticorruption, relates this contract to the company's relationship with the parents of the President of the Government. "Apparently, in 2018 they sold the assets, goodwill and machinery of the company PLAYBOL, SA, of which both spouses continue as administrator and proxy," the decree adds. And he adds: the purchasing company Industrias Plásticas Playbol was subrogated in the labor contracts and the company Playbol SA continues to own the ships in which the transferred business activity is carried out, for whose lease it receives 156,000 euros annually.

The complainant incorporates into his complaint various documents related to the contracts, obtained from the Public Sector Contracting Platform, the National System for Advertising Subsidies and Public Aid, as well as the Contracting Service of the Social Security IT Management, says the prosecution. "Nothing contributes, except for the reference to the publication in various media, on the relationship of the successful bidders with the registered persons indicated and their possible intervention or help in obtaining the contracts," he adds.

“Therefore, excluding any ab initio participation of registered persons, which would determine the lack of competence of this Special Prosecutor's Office to verify and investigate the facts, it must be assessed whether the account that is made of them and the documentation provided are elements that allow us to assess the existence, at least indirectly, of a certain criminal relevance that justifies the initiation of the investigative measures requested by the complainant", explains the Prosecutor's Office regarding its competence to investigate facts in which there are no indications that qualified people participate, in this case the President of the Government.

At this point, the Prosecutor's Office cites the decree of initiation of proceedings for the contract that Isabel Díaz Ayuso's brother charged. “As in this investigation (DI 3/2022), the complainant limits himself to requesting from the Special Prosecutor the initiation of Investigative Procedures leading to the clarification of the facts reported therein, in which, although accusations are not finished specific, clear reservations are expressed about the legality of the different awards”. write Anti-Corruption.

“In this regard, it is stated in the aforementioned Decree and it can be extrapolated to this, that it is appropriate to carry out some proceedings that, without initially targeting individuals or legal entities, allow the criminal significance of the reported facts to be confirmed or ruled out. And this due to the relevance of the correct and normal functioning of the Public Administration subject to the system of values ​​established in the Constitution and the indisputable social significance of the context in which the events described in the complaint take place, ”he adds.

The other six allegedly "favored" companies, according to the decree of the Prosecutor's Office made public this Friday, are Business Management and Support Solutions, FCS Select Products, Member of the Tribe, Weihai Textile Group import & export co, Hyperin business group and Pages Amarillas Sigital Solutions, now Beedigital.

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