Anti-corruption says that Bárcenas' brief provides "little news, none substantial"

The Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office identifies "few novelties, none substantial", in the letter that Luis Bárcenas sent him on February 2 about what his statement will be in the trial of box B that begins today or in other pieces, such as the one that investigates concessions of the Government of Aznar in exchange for income in that parallel accounting on the part of big businessmen.

"The letter received provides little news, none of which is substantial, both with respect to what constitutes the object of accusation of the Prosecutor's Office in the trial that begins today, and what is still being investigated in other safe procedures, of course, what may declare or contribute the accused Luis Bárcenas or his defense in the sessions of the oral trial or in the corresponding procedures, something that the Prosecutor's Office does not know, "says Anti-Corruption in a note released" on the occasion of the beginning of the oral trial "of box B.

In the same way, the Prosecutor's Office disassociates itself from the leak, recalling that it was received on February 2, that it was sent to the State Attorney General's Office on March 4, and that the defense of Bárcenas also deposited a copy with the Second Section of the Criminal Chamber, in charge of prosecuting him.

The note adds that the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office "has not at any time approached Luis Bárcenas in search of collaboration or confession in any of the proceedings," as it has not done in the past with the rest of the accused or investigated in the different pieces of the Gürtel case. "Without any link to any pact, conformity or agreement, which has not been produced, the criteria of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office in these cases is to rigorously analyze the statements made, along with the statements that may be made in the oral trial, to later assess the possible application of the analogical mitigating circumstance "of confession or reparation following the criteria established by jurisprudence, Anticorruption specifies.


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