Anti-corruption insists the judge to accuse Aguirre of irregularities in a privatized hospital

The Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office has appealed against the decision of Judge Mónica Aguirre de la Cuesta not to investigate the former president of the Community of Madrid Esperanza Aguirre for alleged crimes of prevarication and embezzlement for the reduction of 135 beds in the Puerta del Hierro Hospital, in Majadahonda.

Sources from the Public Prosecutor's Office consulted by Europa Press have assured that the appeal was filed on November 19, two days after the judge dismissed the Anticorruption petition to impute the former leader of the Madrid PP. Mónica Aguirre's argument was that criminal responsibility cannot be attributed to someone "by the mere fact of the position or position that a specific person holds in the organization, no matter how high it may be."

The Prosecutor's Office also requested the statement as investigated by the former Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid Juan José Güemes, the former Vice Minister of Health Assistance Ana Sánchez Fernández, and the former Director General of Economic Management and Purchasing of Health Products and Pharmaceuticals Jesús Alejandro Vidart. In the order of November 17, to which Europa Press had access, the judge assured that the fact that Aguirre, Güemes and Sánchez were "the most responsible" of the Community of Madrid, the Ministry of Health and the Contracting Body in May 2008 "does not justify" that they are attributed the status of investigated.

In the case of Esperanza Aguirre, the investigating magistrate also added that the statement given by the only one investigated so far - the former director general of Planning, Infrastructures and Health Equipment of the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid Elena de Mingo - no it follows that "the resolution on the reduction of the number of hospital beds came directly from the presidency of the Community of Madrid".

The judge investigates the alleged irregularities in the awards of the Puerta de Hierro Hospital as a result of the complaint filed by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office in December 2020 against De Mingo.


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