January 17, 2021

Anti-capitalists consider not participating in the third Citizen Assembly of Podemos

Anticapitalistas, one of the political families that participated in the launch of Podemos, is about to decide that it will not participate in the third Citizen Assembly of the party led by Pablo Iglesias. On February 16, on the eve of concluding the deadlines for submitting applications, the group of Teresa Rodríguez and Miguel Urbán will make a final decision, as Fourth Power has advanced.

The next decision that Anticapitalists will take, after deciding on their participation in the State Assembly, will take place at the end of March, at a congress where they will discuss their presence in Podemos. And there are three options on the table: the one to follow is the one that has the least support at the moment when it is proposed not to even go to Vistelegre III. The other two are: to get out of Podemos but try to remain in United We can be another political actor within an electoral front; or, directly, leave all the organic and electoral spaces.

All this will have an impact on the institutional and organic positions of Anticapitalists immediately.

Anticapitalistas has the direction of Andalusia, in the hands of Teresa Rodríguez; with MEP Miguel Urbán, also a member of the Party Executive; as well as with regional deputies – like Raúl Camargo, in the Assembly of Madrid.

The difficulties between the family troskista We can and the state leadership have existed since the beginning, when Teresa Rodriguez herself presented an alternative list to that of Pablo Iglesias in the primaries for the European elections in May 2014. Since then, Anticapitalists have disputed the bodies of Podemos, with candidatures in the first two state Citizen Assemblies.

But the tensions, which in recent years have been rising and falling – in autumn 2017 Anticapitalistas and Ramón Espinar agreed to win the organic process in Madrid to Rita Maestre and Tania Sánchez; While in February 2018 Rodríguez and Urbán presented, as Íñigo Errejón, an alternative list to that of Iglesias en Vistalegre 2–, they have grown in recent months.

On the one hand, relations have deteriorated due to Rodríguez’s political aspiration to convert Andalusian space, Adelante Andalucía into his own political subject –to the point of registering it as a political party-, with its census, its CIF and its organic autonomy, using En Comú Podem as an example. An aspiration not shared either by the state leadership of Podemos or by its main Andalusian partners, Izquierda Unida.

On the other hand, the opposition of Anticapitalists to the idea of ​​the Coalition Government with the PSOE: from the beginning of the negotiations they made their opposition public, and part of their political strategy is to represent the space of those who do not share co-govern with the PSOE. On the other hand, the consultation to the militancy of Podemos was a setback for these positions: it registered in Andalusia 96% of votes favorable to the entrance of United Podemos in the Government.

All this has generated a complicated pre-assembly climate, to which we must add tensions for the position on the you process where Anticapitalists has been closer to independence; or the electoral process in Madrid, where the family Urbán y Rodríguez’s policy converged with IU in Madrid in Pie for the City Council and, subsequently, that alliance of Madrid in Pie did the same with Podemos for the Community.

That is to say, de facto, Anticapitalistas operated as a political space outside of Podemos in the Community of Madrid. And that is the drift with which you reach a State Citizen Assembly whose call for the third weekend of March has altered the Andalusian calendar, against Rodriguez’s wishes.

The State Citizen Council that convened the Vistalegre III, which will be held on the Leganés Deck, also decided that the rest of regional, regional and local processes will be held later. That is, Rodriguez has had to postpone two months, to May, the Andalusian Citizen Assembly that last November had announced for March as well.

The question is whether, depending on what Anticapitalists decides on the last weekend of March, it will have consequences for Teresa Rodríguez to remain a member of Podemos for when the May assembly is held. An Andalusian process that is also coming tense, while Rodriguez’s management has accused the state of “interference” for “Organize an alternative candidacy for the Andalusian leader”.


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