Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Antena 3 will risk with 'La Voz Senior' before a historical 'Survivor'

Antena 3 arriesgará con ‘La Voz Senior’ ante un ‘Supervivientes’ histórico

When Antenna 3 announced the acquisition of the broadcasting rights of The voice (which until then had been in the hands of Telecinco), did not imagine that the play would not go as round as expected. And is that
The voice
started with force but he was going deflating week by week, faced with an aggressive policy of counterprogramming by Mediaset.

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It's more, Last night's final was the least seen in the history of talent, which in its premiere 7 years ago in Telecinco managed to exceed 37% audience and the 5 million viewers, while yesterday, Antena 3 was left with an 18% screen share and 2.1 million. It is not a bad data in global computations but it is less than what Atresmedia expected when it threw the house out the window to welcome the international format.

Melani became the winner of 'La Voz Kids 4' when it aired on Telecinco

Melani became the winner of 'La Voz Kids 4' when it aired on Telecinco

But The voice It does not come alone. It has two more formats: one that we already know, as it is The voice Kids and another unpublished in Spain, with contestants over 60 years old and named after The Senior Voice. As well, Antena 3 has already announced that it will premiere, "soon", this format that is already recorded in the absence of its final process.

For some, the announcement of the chain of San Sebastian de los Reyes has come as a surprise. Especially considering what they will have in front: Mediaset turning all its efforts in turning Survivors 2019 in the most watched program of recent years. As proof what the chain of Paolo Vasile has baptized as transverse television and that is, neither more nor less, than extending the Telecinco format to the battered channel Cuatro to recover screen share by exploiting the reality.

An opportunity that can be turned against

That Isabel Pantoja is a contestant Survivors it is an incentive that Mediaset is going to exploit until the last consequences. It will amortize it economically in advertising revenues and will try to do the same by razing the audience and knocking out the competition. And most importantly, spreading the virus of the reality in its second chain, turning the programming into special constants and taking advantage of new technologies to generate trending topics newspapers and also infect social networks.

The Mediaset move is clear and could be described as "master". But Maybe Atresmedia's is not unfortunate. Why The Senior Voice it's something else. It moves away from the traditional format and looks much more for the emotions, the stillness and the wisdom of the elderly. It's a kind of slow tv made program. And that's where there is a niche of viewers that may end up with indigestion with such survival.

Isabel Pantoja, during a concert

Isabel Pantoja, during a concert

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