Antena 3 snatches the leadership in the news to TVE | TV

Antena 3 snatches the leadership in the news to TVE | TV

In the second half of 2018, Antena 3 managed to place its news as preferred by the audience. Between July and December 2018, the news of the Atresmedia chain achieved an average of 1,911,000 viewers (14.4% of the screen share). During this period, Telecinco was the second option (1,881,000, 14.0%). Meanwhile, La 1, which had been a leader in the first quarter of the year, came in third place with an average of 1,871,000 viewers (13.4%). In the months of April and May there was a technical tie between the 1 and Telecinco and in June the tie was between Antena 3 and Telecinco. The loss of the leadership of the news of La 1 has coincided with the arrival of Rosa María Mateo at the head of the corporation as provisional sole administrator.

Changes in the terrain of the news, but not in television in general, because for the seventh consecutive year, Telecinco was the most watched channel of 2018. The Mediaset channel has grown compared to 2017, going from 13.3% share of 14.1% screen. Antena 3 maintains its data (12.3%) and the second position, while La 1 is in third place and up one tenth to 10.5%, as reflected in the annual report prepared by Barlovento Comunicación based on data from Kantar Half. By media groups, Mediaset España reached 28.8%, while Atresmedia obtained 26.8% and TVE, 16.5%.

In 2018, around 31.4 million people tuned in to some Spanish television channel at some time of each day, a figure that is the lowest in history. The average daily consumption of television was 234 minutes per person per day, a figure that, although it still shows the strength of traditional television, has dropped since the television consumption record was set in 2012 (246 minutes). For the second year in a row, television advertising investment does not grow, and the final figure is expected to be close to the 2,143 million euros that were invested in television advertising in 2017. Mediaset and Atresmedia share 85% of that advertising investment total, maintaining the already traditional dupolio.

In contrast, pay television has recorded a record high of subscribers in 2018, reaching a 25% share in total television consumption, one point more than in 2017. According to the household survey of the second quarter of 2018 of the National Commission of the Market and the Competition (CNMC), one of each three homes connected to Internet use platforms of payment to see audio-visual contents. Of course, the time spent watching television through IPTV, cable, satellite or web, two thirds is to see open channels and only a third of that consumption is dedicated to channels created exclusively for television. payment. Video platforms in streaming they have been consolidated in 2018, with Movistar + still in the lead, with 2,200,000 subscribers. According to the CNMC report, Netflix was already present in 2,052,000 Spanish households in June, while HBO would have a presence in 478,000 households.

As for the most watched broadcasts, soccer almost completely covered the ranking of the 50 most watched broadcasts. Single Eurovision (both the end of the festival broadcast and the votes) and the Chimes of the 1 slip into this ranking as non-sporting emissions most viewed of the year. The penalties of the match between Spain and Russia in the World Cup were the most watched of the year, getting together 14,829,000 viewers (81.1% share of the screen) tuning in Telecinco on July 1 to see how the Red said goodbye to the World Cup in Russia. The most watched movie of the year was Jurassic World, issued by Telecinco on June 6 and was viewed by 3,765,000 viewers (25.1%). The most watched fictional series episode was the first episode of elite Corps, which Antena 3 programmed on February 6 and was followed by 4,193,000 viewers (24.6%).

Men choose Antena 3; the women, Telecinco

The qualitative analysis of the 2018 audiences offers curious data such as the preference of men for Antena 3 (11.4%), while women prefer Telecinco (17.2%). By age brackets, the Mediaset channel is the leader in all age groups except the youngest ones (from 4 to 12 years old), where Clan triumphs.

Regarding the preferences for autonomous communities, Antena 3 is the preferred one in Castilla-La Mancha and Aragón and ties with Telecinco in the Valencian Community. In Castilla y León it leads La 1, while TV3 does it in Catalonia. In the rest of the communities, Telecinco is the preferred one.


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