Antena 3 now announces a special of ‘Now I fall’ to dismiss the contest

Arturo Valls in & # 039; Now I fall & # 039 ;.

Arturo Valls in ‘Now I fall’.
Antenna 3

After saying goodbye last Friday to the Antena 3 grid to make way for the new Turkish series ‘Tierra amarga’, now ‘Now I fall’ will have the opportunity to say goodbye as it deserves. The chain has announced a special of the contest that Arturo Valls has presented and that this week he would have been on the air for ten years.

Antena 3 has begun to broadcast a promo in which they say that the program will leave with a special program. “After ten years of laughter and more than 23,000 contestants fallen through the hatch, ‘Now I fall’ says goodbye in style in the best possible way “, reads the official website of the program.

Neither in the promo nor in the advance information is it specified when the latter ‘Now I fall’ will be broadcast, although everything seems to indicate that it will have to be done in prime time after the afternoon slot (in which it has always been broadcast) it is all already occupied by other contests such as ‘Boom’ or ‘Pasapalabra’.

In this way, the chain will dismiss one of its star contests with honors, which since its arrival in 2011 raised its strip. Although he could not face the leadership of ‘Save me’, he was a worthy competitor who earned his place during all this time. However, in this last stage, the contest advanced its schedule, with which its data was diminished.


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