Ansu Fati, the face of the future and the present

The new Barça mural at the Camp Nou with Busquets, Piqué, Ansu Fati, Pedri, De Jong and Ter Stegen.

The new Barça mural at the Camp Nou with Busquets, Piqué, Ansu Fati, Pedri, De Jong and Ter Stegen.
Manu Mitru

Where it was before Messi, on a gigantic canvas that presides over the entrance to the Camp Nou, there are now two children. Two teenagers who embody the change of cycle of Barça, a team that is looking for its place. The team and, of course, the club, financially ruined without any margin to invest, turning the renovation of Ansu Fati, which is already being negotiated, in a crucial matter for the future.

Where it was before Messi for years the image of Ansu, the daring boy who has fearlessly picked up the heavy load of 10, and Pedri, the daring canary who has earned a place in the Barça fans, needing to connect with new generations after taking office, and the loud slap of the Bayern Munich 0-3, the decline of the team. He must find a glimmer of hope in one of the darkest periods in the club’s contemporary history.

That huge canvas represents the reality of Barça. Two young people who project illusion escorting Busquets, the captain who symbolizes the link with the most glorious past, and Pique, turned into the sentimental voice of the depressed culé universe. There are six players greeting everyone who arrives at the Barça temple from now on.

Ansu Fati. FC Barcelona

The children, the two captains, who evoke the great time of Guardiola (2008-2012), increasingly distant, and two players who do not wear the armband (Ter Stegen and De Jong) that should be the common thread that sews both generations that now converge in the team of Koeman, questioned how the technician is doing because he does not find the key to reactivate the reconstruction, feeling how he feels Laporta’s mistrust. It is reciprocal.

10 months without playing

Ansu is the flag of the new Barça. For his football, a modern, efficient striker, capable of breaking precocious records in his dazzling appearance in professional football, and for the connection he has with the stands, in need of new references. He has not played for 10 months and is expected as the savior for a team that has lost goals and magic.

The young man, who has undergone four operations since last November 7, is in the final stretch to reappear

The striker has plenty of all that, who has received the heaviest legacy that a footballer can have at the Camp Nou. Wear the 10th of Messi. When Ronaldinho He left, Leo took the 10 without any fear. When Messi has gone to Paris SG, AnsuAfter receiving authorization from the captains, he agreed to wear this jacket full of history and, of course, pressure. He is about to return. But neither Koeman neither the player nor the club want to rush their return.

Ansu Fati. FC Barcelona

Since November 7, he has lived through an ordeal, with four operations including on his battered left knee. Has been lost Eurocup and Olympic Games with the Spanish team. But now he senses his return very close. Perhaps next week coinciding with the trip to Cádiz, unless everything is precipitated and he can be at the Camp Nou on Monday, initially on the bench against Granada. Matches all of them that will put a maximum stress on Koeman, forced to provoke an immediate reaction from the team if they do not want to see their future compromised even more.

The Barça mural at the Camp Nou with Busquets, Piqué, Ansu Fati, Pedri, De Jong and Ter Stegen. Manu Mitru

The board accelerates the negotiations to close the renovation of Ansu, which has become the club’s sports and commercial banner

Ansu it’s back. And Barça has accelerated, as reported yesterday by SER Catalunya, the talks with Jorge Mendes, your agent, to close the renewal. He has a contract until 2024, the club maintains, while the player’s representatives believe that it will expire in 2022. The forward, meanwhile, maintains his desire to continue at the Camp Nou, prepared as he feels to face the enormous challenge of piloting the reconstruction from the field. To be the sporting face and, at the same time, commercial of Barça post Messi.

Therefore, the need for the board of Laporta to close the agreement to spread a strong message for the next few years, which are expected to be full of setbacks due to economic misery. The authentic beginning of the new cycle, which requires “patience and trust”, as the president himself recognized.

Ansu and Pedri, with whom the board has also started negotiations for its renewal, not only do they come out on that canvas that will greet the fans who come to the Camp Nou but they embody the future. And, above all, the present of a club that can no longer live from the past.


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