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Ansu Fati celebrates his goal against Real Sociedad. / Ander Gillinea (Afp)


The young Barça striker was crucial to unblock the game against Real Sociedad and collaborated with a goal and two assists

Ansu Fati is back. The young striker, barely 19 years old, was, with the permission of Robert Lewandowski, the main protagonist of Futbol Club Barcelona's lofty victory over Real Sociedad by 1-4. His entry onto the pitch, with the score tied, served to unclog Xavi's men and start an offensive whirlwind that ended with the best version of the entire Barça attack front. The 10 culé showed that there is no trace of his physical problems, he contributed with a goal and two assists and asks for a place in the new project.

«Ansu is capable of making a difference, but he does not start from the start due to a mixture of caution and also due to the merits of each other. It must be very expensive to play for Barça, the fact that there is competition is great for the team. It is a good 'problem' for the coach to have to choose, "said Xavi at the end of the game when asked about Ansu Fati's festival. Minutes before, the young striker had presented his candidacy for eleven on the pitch, where the cracks should speak, by breaking up a game that his team had not been able to govern.

And it is that Ansu Fati was enough for half an hour to turn the entire Reale Arena upside down. Until the 64th minute the game had been a street runner, a highway for some and others that had Xavi disconcerted. The entry of the 10th coincided with a radical turn in the match. Barça took advantage of the wear and tear of Imanol's men and went on to form with a 3-4-3 in which Ansu was a hitch, a position in which he could change the game and from which Dembélé, Raphinha and Lewandowski benefited, who He learned first-hand all the virtues of his new present and future partner.

The game belonged to Ansu Fati and just two minutes after jumping onto the pitch, a maneuver was removed from the hat that ended with a heel strike for Dembélé to put Barça ahead and end the agony. It was a liberation for the Catalans and also for a player who has become accustomed to living with the constant 'run run' about his physical condition. That move was like opening the floodgates so that the talent of the footballer of Bisauguinean origin could flow and he took those of Imanol ahead. He assisted Lewandowski for the third and put up the fourth when he had only been on the Reale Arena pitch for 15 minutes. Express exhibition of crack in every rule and a message to Xavi, so that he is not forgotten in the new team that is being forged.

Barça Festival in San Sebastian

Xavi's "caution" has a lot to do with the distrust that still exists at Barça with Ansu Fati's physical condition. The player refused to undergo surgery and opted for conservative treatment to recover from the injury to the proximal tendon of the biceps femoris of the left thigh that occurred last January. That decision, which shortened the deadlines for his return, has a greater risk of relapse and that is why the one from Tarrasa does not trust and does not want to immediately give him all the prominence in the new project.

A 'brown' for Xavi

The problem now facing the man from Tarrasa is that Ansu Fati is already asking for a place in the eleven. Against Real Sociedad he improved with his entry all the offensive flow of his team and showed that he is physically ready to show the best version of himself. He had that spark of speed that he hadn't had in a while, teaming up perfectly with Dembélé, Raphinha and Lewandowski and making it clear that he's ready to be a goddamn problem for Xavi when it comes to solving the puzzle he has up front.

The solution against Real Sociedad was to change the scheme to accommodate up to four forwards. The traditional 4-3-3 was changed to a 3-4-3 or even a 3-3-4 depending on how the 'txuri-urdin' were planted on the pitch. This new formula allowed Xavi to simultaneously accommodate Raphinha, Dembélé, Lewandowski and Ansu Fati, a luxury for the man from Tarrasa and a "blessed problem", as Xavi acknowledged at the end of the clash.

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