Anpe demands that the increase in the teaching team be extended until June

The National Association of Teaching Professionals (Anpe) claimed yesterday that the increase in the number of teachers be extended until the end of the course, a request that collides with the first plan of the Ministry of Education, which opted to reinforce the number of teachers –With the hiring of 2,500 to face a new course marked by the coronavirus pandemic– with quarterly contracts.

The claim is made because it ensures that the professionals have been appointed until December 22 – the end of the first quarter – and the epidemiological situation will not change substantially next year, so it will be considered essential to reinforce personnel.

In a statement, Anpe values ​​that the Ministry of Education of the Government of the Canary Islands has appointed reinforcement teachers to carry out splits and support to stop the expansion of the coronavirus, but denounces that, for now, the appointments are valid until 22 December December.

In the opinion of the trade union organization, public education cannot continue to function based on “patches”, especially in moments as delicate as today.

The union warns that the epidemiological situation will not change in 2021

For this reason, Anpe Canarias requires the Administration to give stability to the system and that the “covid appointments” that have been made in recent days are valid until the end of this course.

“The precariousness of the working conditions of these professionals is not only unfair, but could have negative repercussions on the quality of the teaching that is imparted”, denounces Pedro Crespo, president of Anpe Canarias.


The union indicates that the high ratios of students per teacher that “already supports non-university public education in the Islands weighs down the advancement of the educational system and does not allow serving all students, especially the most vulnerable, in the best conditions.”

On the other hand, the union has also expressed its displeasure that Education has carried out COVID appointments before finishing assigning the vacancies as of August 31. This means, in practice, that the Administration has appointed teachers with the best position on the lists – that is, with the highest scores – to work, a priori, for three months and, instead, has assigned positions throughout the course to teachers who were worse positioned.

Anpe Canarias considers that this unfair situation would be solved if the regional Administration hired teachers throughout the course, since in January the pandemic will continue, there will be no mass vaccine available and the Canarian classrooms will continue to need these professionals.


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