February 24, 2021

ANPE Canarias urges to take up the educational challenges postponed this year

CANARIAS.-ANPE Canarias urges to take up the educational challenges postponed this year

CANARIAS.-ANPE Canarias urges to take up the educational challenges postponed this year

ANPE Canarias has asked the Ministry of Education to urgently return to the structural challenges that exist in the islands in terms of education and that were postponed to the background this year due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

The union central understands that 2020 has been an exceptional year in which all efforts have had to focus on reducing the chances of contagion of coronavirus and safeguarding the health of all members of the educational community.

However, now that vaccination has begun in Spain and the rest of the world, it underlines the importance of addressing many of the deficiencies that the educational centers of the Autonomous Community drag.

For this reason, ANPE Canarias has urged the education administration to speed up negotiations with the unions to resolve “as soon as possible” many of the deficits in the public education system.

“Every year we are obliged to insist on the same thing: we need more resources for public education. This crisis has once again shown us that the only way to recover is to invest in education. The most diversified countries with a knowledge economy more iron are those who are in better conditions when economic difficulties come, “said Pedro Crespo, president of ANPE Canarias.

The educational challenges go through continuing to improve educational investment, reduce the bureaucratic burden of the centers, improve the substitution list system and implement a true educational infrastructure plan, among other priorities.

Specifically, the main objectives set by ANPE Canarias for the year 2021 are to enable adaptations to the job position of especially sensitive teaching staff and to avoid the assumption of functions by teachers that are not within their competence, including those related to services social or technical issues of prevention and safety.

It also advocates an increase in the percentage investment in education and investment per student and the provision of teaching staff to progressively achieve the average existing ratios at the national level. To do this, the appointments of this course in the Secondary Corps must be maintained first and those of the Teachers Corps must be increased.

The union also calls for the implementation of a strategy to reduce the bureaucratic burden of teachers in the centers, as well as a new system of teachers’ job lists and the incorporation of a specific item to hire health personnel (nursing school) in educational centers.

ANPE Canarias proposes, in turn, the offer of public teaching employment; an educational infrastructure plan for the Archipelago; the Increase in the training offer in Baccalaureate, FP, Adults and Languages, especially in those branches of FP that most demand the productive fabric of the Autonomous Community, and a “real” commitment to Dual FP, beyond the campaigns of advertising.

Other proposals are the training of teachers in their working hours; psychological and legal assistance from the Ministry to attacked teachers; the increase in current measures to attend to the diversity of students, and the possibility that the teacher has a permit when a minor son or daughter is in a situation of illness or in a situation of confinement or quarantine.


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