December 3, 2020

ANPE calls for stability and respect acquired rights of temporary teachers

The teachers’ union ANPE advocates “providing stability and respecting the labor rights acquired” by the temporary teachers of public education in the Canary Islands, who account for 40% of the total, as assured this Friday.

In a statement, said organization states that the group “has been demanding for ten years that a guarantee procedure be reached for temporary teachers who provide services in public educational centers and that, despite the fact that there was a commitment to negotiate a new model at the table sector, so far has not been done.

In addition, it argues that the current Budget Law of the Autonomous Community establishes that the Ministry of Education must negotiate a new system of employment lists and repeal the decree by which they had been in force “or, failing that, include an additional provision in next year’s accounts that cover this procedure. ”

And he adds that, “given the possibility that the Educational Administration does not carry out this negotiation immediately, the union has urged the political groups with representation in the Parliament of the Canary Islands – with whom it has been holding meetings in recent weeks- to introduce an additional provision in the next budget law of the Autonomous Community that gives guarantees to teachers who attend the next public job offer “.

The union insists that the internship rate in public education in the islands exceeds 40% and that, to ensure the proper functioning of the educational system, it is necessary to provide stability and respect the labor rights acquired by these teachers. EFE


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