Anova will not attend the November general elections

The nationalist formation Anova has decided on Wednesday not to attend the general elections next November as it has been impossible to reach a coalition agreement with United We can.

As it happened in the negotiations for the state elections last April, those of Xosé Manuel Beiras have decided to take a step back and not present themselves as a broad front that gave continuity to the accumulation process has not been “possible” of forces started in 2012 with AGE.

"Anova will not contribute in the state elections to the process of atomization of the left" since it was not possible to guarantee a single ballot of the rupture space in Galicia.

From Anova remember that although they tried to reach an agreement with the progressive forces of the left, "there was no positive response to put together a new broad front."

The objective now, they emphasize, is to work to achieve this union of forces for the autonomous elections of 2020 to prevent a new absolute majority of the PPdeG in Galicia.

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