Another policy of the Valencian Community vaccinated against covid-19

Denia's Councilor for Health, Cristina Morera.

Denia’s Councilor for Health, Cristina Morera.

The mayor of Health and Social Welfare of the Denia City Council (Alicante), the socialist Cristina Morera, is another political position of the Valencian Community who has received the vaccine against covid-19, despite not belonging to any of the risk groups, as was known this Tuesday.

According to a statement from the PSPV-PSOE of Denia, the councilor received in the late afternoon of last December 12 a phone call from the director of Public Health of the area to help the vaccination personnel displaced to the Santa Llúcia Residence to find other people who “could take advantage of the leftover doses; otherwise they would have to be launched to the trash“.

The mayor “took the appropriate steps and traveled to the day center, where the vaccination point was enabled, with people, over 65 or with risk ailments, located to be vaccinated,” he adds. “At the last minute, one of the volunteers refused treatment for medical reasons. And then the councilor was asked to be the recipient of the last remaining dose so as not to waste it, “says the press release.

Both the mayor and the mayor of Denia and local secretary of the PSPV-PSOE, Vicent Grimalt, have asked the Department of Public Health to issue “a clear report on the facts and the criteria that were followed to contact the Health Councilor and offer her to her, ultimately, the remaining dose of the vaccine. ”

From the local executive of the PSPV-PSOE they consider that “the case, if it is really controversial and proceeded in an irregular manner, is already being investigated by the competent authorities: the Department of Public Health and the Department of Health”.

For her part, the councilor has expressed her apology in case the way of acting was wrong, despite the fact that, “in no case was there bad faith or the will to take advantage of the position to obtain a privilege.” “I limited myself to follow the instructions of the health authorities at all times and assessing as correct the criterion of not missing doses, which I understood was part of the protocol established for the vaccination process, “said the mayor.” Besides, the first thing I did, when they asked me for help, was to make sure that risk groups in the city, health workers, social health personnel, residents of Santa Llúcia they were already vaccinated“, has affirmed.

Mulberry has made her act of councilor available to the mayor and the possibility of abandoning its powers if so considered or if from the PSOE it is decided the completion of a file to remove membership.

Pending the conclusions of the Public Health report, neither from the local executive of the PSPV-PSOE nor from the socialist municipal group “no decision will be made at the moment about the maintenance” of her position as councilor for Morera.

The case of this mayor has been known days after the Ministry of Health has opened an investigation to clarify the administration of doses outside the vaccination plan to the popular mayor of La Nucía (Alicante), Bernabé Cano, to the mayor of Health of this municipality, Manuel Alcalá, and to the socialist mayors of the Alicante towns of El Verger, Ximo Coll, and Els Poblets, Carolina Vives, and of Rafelbunyol (Valencia), Fran López. This list is also joined by the Councilor for Health of Orihuela (Alicante), José Galiano (PP).


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