Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Another model of Boeing suffers a serious incident in Japan

Another model of Boeing suffers a serious incident in Japan

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Boeing continues to accumulate problems. To the immobilization of its model 737 Max fleet after the accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia that cost the lives of more than 350 people, another serious incident is added with another device of its model 787. One of these devices of the Australian airline Jetstar registered a dysfunction in its two reactors that could have led to a "serious accident" when landing last week at an airport in Japan, informed the Japanese Government. The plane, coming from the Australian city of Cairns, suddenly lost power in its two reactors when it was descending to land in Kansai (western Japan) on March 29, according to a statement issued by the transport ministry released today by local media. The pilot managed to correct the loss of power and land safely without requesting an emergency landing, explained the ministry in his note, where he also stated that this ruling "could have caused a serious accident", according to Efe.

The Japanese authorities are inspecting the aircraft to try to find the origin of the failure in the engines, which also added dysfunctions in the measuring instruments.

Boeing faces in the last weeks one of the worst crisis in its history. The two accidents of 737 Max have caused not only the immobilization of their fleet but they have forced him to cancel the delivery of new aircraft to the airlines until he solves his problems. Last week, the company announced that it had a software update for its flight stabilization system, which seems to be the cause of both incidents. However, this week he has admitted that he will need several weeks to complete the improvements.


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