June 23, 2021

Another 14 clients of the restaurant RiFF had discomfort the days before the death of a diner | Society

Another 14 clients of the restaurant RiFF had discomfort the days before the death of a diner | Society

Several television cameras and journalists wait, this Tuesday, at the doors of the RiFF restaurant in Valencia. In video, one deceased due to mushroom poisoning in the establishment. EFE | Video: Atlas

Another 14 customers of the Riff restaurant in Valencia, who ate the days before the one chosen by the woman who died last Saturday after tasting one of her menus, had minor discomfort, has confirmed the Valencian Health Minister, Ana Barceló, whose department investigates whether the death of the woman, 46, is related to intoxication. These cases are added to the other nine already detected with mild symptoms, including that of the husband and the son of the deceased.

"We have surveyed 17 people, of whom 14 have said they had some very mild symptoms, and the samples that have been collected these days have been sent to the National Toxicology Institute for analysis," explained Barceló, who has referred to the toxicology report to know if there is a direct relationship between the death of the woman and the products that were served that day in the restaurant.

Barceló has clarified that it is not possible to determine if the origin of the outbreak were morel mushrooms, an ingredient included in the local menu. "We must wait for the autopsy that is being performed on the woman to determine if the direct cause of death was the intake of a food, or caused a state that led to this fatal outcome, or if he had any previous pathology ", he specified. The coroners investigate whether the victim died of possible poisoning or could suffocate due to vomiting. They are open hypotheses at this time.

The health inspectors have interviewed the restaurant workers and two of them have not shown any incidence, although seven more have yet to be interviewed.

The RiFF restaurant, the first in Valencia to win a Michelin star, has been closed to the public since yesterday, as local owner Bernd H. Knöller announced. "It has to remain closed while the Department of Public Health is acting in the collection of samples and the inspections established by the protocol," stressed the regional health authority.

The outbreak of food intoxication was declared last Sunday, February 17, with three cases of the same family in Valencia. The patients presented symptoms-vomiting and diarrhea-on February 16, Saturday. Two of them, father and son – the last of 12 years – evolved well and recovered. However, the third case, that of the woman, with profuse vomiting, died at dawn on Sunday at home


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