Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Anna Simón’s dogs mess it up live and interrupt the connection with ‘Zapeando’

This Monday there were several programs that after declaring the state of alarm for coronavirus returned to your regular broadcast. Since
The Anthill who sat Pablo Motos
and some of his collaborators on the set of Antena 3 but with the guests from their houses, going by The intermediate and now also
that the latter relayed from their respective homes. It was in the space presented by Dani Mateo where there was a fun accident.

It all happened when talking to Anna Simon, the humorist asked the Catalan to teach his two dogs. Suddenly one of them bundled live and caused the Connection I know interrupt.

'Zapeando' returns to LaSexta broadcasting from home

‘Zapeando’ returns to LaSexta broadcasting from home

'Zapaando': Anna Simón stays at home before the coronavirus

‘Zapaando’: Anna Simón stays at home before the coronavirus

Programs currently broadcasting live have to deal with Skype connections sometimes they are not as good as they would like. The oversaturation of the network due to the large number of connections that citizens make daily due to the confinement established by the government of Spain, is causing some interviews to be cut in half. Nevertheless, What would happen if our pets were responsible for a television intervention being cut?

Dani Mateo never thought that his request to Anna Simón would bring consequences. Both televisions from their homes explained to the viewers of Zapping what their isolation was like in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Moment when Anna Simón's dogs interrupt the connection with 'Zapaando'

Moment when Anna Simón’s dogs interrupt the connection with ‘Zapaando’

At a certain moment, Mateo made a request to his partner: “We want to see Rym and Roc, I think I speak for all of Spain.” He was referring to the dogs that Anna Simon has. The Catalan did not hesitate to please the presenter and called them with a whistle. “They are coming, they are coming,” he said. At that moment, one of them got on the table where the journalist was. But suddenly, he shouted: “Ay, ay, ay!”

Friends, this is going to happen. We have lost the connection because a dog has entered“Mateo apologized laughing. “Hello, here I am, nothing has happened. We are all fine, “said Simon after recovering the connection. “I tell you: the dogs have come, one is very active and the other is not, she is more of a lady like me and it is difficult for her to drag her feet. My computer was plugged in charging and it has tripped. But that’s it, everything is correct”, Explained the Catalan. “Those dogs work for Telecinco and you know it,” Mateo joked.

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