August 3, 2020

Anna Karina, actress icon of the “nouvelle vague” dies

Actress Anna Karina, icon of the “nouvelle vague” and muse of director Jean-Luc Godard, died in Paris at age 89 as a result of cancer, local media reported. The death of the interpreter, of Danish origin, occurred last Saturday, his agent told French media.

Karina, whose birth name was Hanne Karin Blarke Bayer and who was born in Copenhagen on September 22, 1940, filmed seven films with Godard, who was a couple in the 60s and also had a singing career, particularly alongside Serge Gainsbourg

"The cinema has lost one of its legends," Culture Minister Franck Riester said through the social network Twitter. His pale face starred at the Cannes Festival poster in its 2018 edition, in a photo taken in 1965 during the filming of "Pierrot le fou" by Godard.

Raised with her grandfather, the actress cultivated an image of fragility that led to Paris as a teenager in order to carve out an actress career and to flee from her mother.

With 17 years he posed as a model for advertising ads until he came into contact with the designer Coco Chanel, who advised him to adopt the name of Ana Karina.

It was in that environment that Godard noticed her and proposed a role in "A bout de souffle", but did not accept it.

Later he contacted her to star in "Petit soldat", a film about the war in Algeria that did not see the light because of Gaullist censorship.

But in the filming his love story was born, which ended at a wedding in 1961 and in seven films together, including "Une femme est une femme", which earned him the award for best performance at the Berlin Festival of 1962, but also "Vivre sa vie" and "Pierrot le fou".

His romance with Godard, as she confessed, led him not to work with the other greats of the "nouvelle vague", Claude Chabrol or François Truffaut, but he did it with Cukor, Visconti, Fassbinder or Benoît Jacquot.

Although her acting career stopped in recent years, that of singer continued almost until the disease prevented her from continuing to work. His latest album, "Je suis une aventurière" was released last year. EFE


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