Anjar, first arbitration court to be certified with ISO 9001 – The Province

Anjar, first arbitration court to be certified with ISO 9001 - The Province

Court NACIONAL DE ARBITRAJE CIVIL, MERCANTIL Y MARÍTIMO, of the National Association of Arbitral Jurisdiction (ANJAR) has obtained the certification of the international standard UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015, after the implementation of the system by pate of the firm IVE Consultores.

Last November, the Arbitration Court of ANJAR passed the external certification audit carried out by AENOR, obtaining the International Certificate UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015. Project signed and executed with the firm IVE Consultores.

"The implementation and certification of the ISO 9001 standard in our Arbitration Court represents the final touchstone in our function, which is simply to solve, through an award and through an effective process, the litigation in civil, commercial and maritime law" affirms D. Leopoldo Fernández president of ANJAR.

ANJAR has a census of highly qualified professionals, specialists in various fields, acting with full independence and impartiality. "The purpose is to administer with all the guarantees, and in the manner and deadlines provided, the problems that arise between the parties in the sectors mentioned," assures D. Leopoldo Fernández.

The arbitration procedure is a formula for resolving disputes, both between companies and between individuals, which avoids long and costly legal proceedings. It is very easy to integrate into organizations offering multiple advantages, such as speed in the issuance of the award, effectiveness – since the award has the same effects as a final and unappealable – and economy since the cost is known from the beginning of the procedure not requiring the intervention of lawyer or attorney.

During the implementation process, Mr. Leopoldo Fernández affirmed Iván Torres and Eduvigis Del Pino (Director and Technician of the consultant respectively) the increase of interest and confidence of citizens in this system of conflict resolution, increasing by 166 The number of arbitration proceedings since 2015 has not been ignored. He also did not want to ignore the extraordinary merit of the firm IVE Consultores in implementing the ISO 9001 standard in an activity as special as arbitration justice, while highlighting the sentiment of pride that the Court of ANJAR is the only one in the entire national area that possesses such certification.

After obtaining the certification, Mr. Leopoldo Fernández has been able to verify the various benefits that have been introduced by the ISO 9001 standard in the Arbitration Court, such as, among other aspects, being able to measure the speed of the arbitration process from the beginning until it is It issues the award, resolving itself currently in an average of 21 days.


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