Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Anitta presents its first international album in Madrid - La Provincia

Anitta presents its first international album in Madrid - La Provincia

The Brazilian singer Anitta has made a stop in Spain during the tour to present his new album 'Kisses', which promises to be a success. The artist has visited Madrid to promote her latest work, launched on April 5 and composed by Ten songs in English, one in Spanish and one in Portuguese.

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"My fans have been waiting and I am very happy to be able to share it with them, yes, I am releasing a new album, Kisses" commented Anitta during the presentation. The singer has also announced her collaboration with Ipanema, the brand of Brazilian sandals of which she is an image and with which she is very excited to collaborate internationally.

Anitta also selected one of her songs from her album "Get to know me", to be the theme of the Ipanema International Campaign that will be launched in more than 100 countries.

"We are proud to present to the world two of the best Brazilian export products: the music of Anitta and the sandals Ipanema"says Alexandre Gastaldello, Export Director of Grendene." Anitta embodies Ipanema's commitment to offer a sophisticated and at the same time relaxed style. "We are very happy to sponsor the presentation of their new album Kisses"

The singer and the brand began an international tour to present the album and the collection of sandals around the world, making stops in Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles and Madrid. The event also featured international influencers like Gala González to raise awareness of the world of fashion and women from the perspective of social networks.


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