April 22, 2021

Animayo Barcelona says goodbye to its successful edition with more than three thousand three hundred participants in two days – La Provincia

Animayo Barcelona says goodbye to its successful edition with more than three thousand three hundred participants in two days - La Provincia

The 13th Summit, Conferences and International Film Festival Animayo, that landed at CaixaForum Barcelona three years ago, says goodbye to the city with a resounding success endorsed by more than Three thousand three hundred participants in just two days.

Under the direction and production of Damián Perea, and with the competitiveness, excellence and quality that make up the Animayo label, the edition offered seven master classes, three training workshops, two projection cycles Winners Animayo 2018, in which he highlighted the Late afternoon in first for the Barcelona edition, seven signatures of autographs and portfolio reviews, a special cycle for schools, a screening for a family audience and a space for video games and virtual reality. All this by artists and creators of dreams whose ingenuity has been at the service of large producers, such as The Walt Disney Studios, Illumination Mac Guff, Dream Pictures Studios, Industrial Light & Magic, Weta Digital, The Mill, Warner Bros., Blue Sky Studios, Skydance Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, The SPA Studios, Estudio Mariscal or Punk Visual Studio, among others.

Held at CaixaForum, in collaboration with "The Caixa" and schools like CEV Barcelona Y L'Idem Barcelona, the outstanding architects of the two days were: Fabien Polack (CG Supervisor in Illumination Mac Guff. The Grinch, Yellow is the new black, Minions, Gru, my favorite villain, Sing !, Lorax: in search of the lost trúfala); Hidetaka Yosumi (CG Supervisor, Character Supervisor. Kingdom Hearts, Valiant, Bolt, Entangled, Break Ralph !, The Little Prince, Mune); Rafa Zabala (Senior digital modeller, traditional sculptor and director of Rafa Zabala Studio. Aquaman, Ready Player One, Bumblebee, Avengers: Infinity War, League of Legends, The Hobbit, The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Ironman 3, Man of Steel, Clash of Clans); Carlos Zapater (Lead storyboard artist. Smallfoot, Titeuf, the film, Rio, Chico and Rita, Nocturna, Asterix and the Vikings, Fragiles, Los Reyes Magos); Miriam Hidalgo Perditah (Illustrator, character designer, colorist. Chico and Rita, Nocturna, They are unique, Barcelona TM); Xes Vilà and Demian Sabini (CTO and CEO Punk Visual Studio. Space Command, Gappo's Legacy, Dreams come true, Terrados. Musical video clips: Gigante de Hierro, Los Salvapantallas, Los Tiki Phantoms. Brands: Zara, Coca Cola, Seat, Skoda, Veri Water, La Caixa, Tele 5), Daniel Gómez Haba (2D artist, character designer, 2D animator and sound technician); Marc Agüera (Programmer); Iván Mesa (Game Designer) and David Moreno (Sculptor, 3D modeler and character designer).

Director of Animayo, Damián Perea, very satisfied with the best edition of Barcelona to date, stressed that "in addition to the exponential increase of public attending the projections of the Palmarés 2018, also increasing the presence of foreign audiences, especially in France, we have enjoyed the quality , exquisite, of some guests who, as first figures, have given everything sharing and transmitting knowledge and experiences in such a close and funny way that they fell in love with an enthusiastic public.The experience lived with the "Workshop of character creation for parents and children "watching them learn together new drawing techniques and inspiring each other." And, of course, highlight the review of portfolios, highlighting Hidetaka Yosumi, Rafael Zabala and Fabien Polack, where they will surely be new signings for the industry given the high level of the artists, all in perfect harmony with the spirit of the festival and with some luxury tees. "

Animayo was born in Gran Canaria in 2006, and is – without a doubt – currently a benchmark in the field of animation on an international scale, an unmissable event for both students and fans of the genre and general public. The next call, in May, will be the kick-off of the 14th Summit, Conferences and International Film Festival Animayo on the same island that saw the birth of this Oscar® Awards qualifying festival. A new call with a poster of luxury and great surprises to enjoy the most outstanding animation and special effects productions that are combined with recent innovations, creative works and artistic processes.

From Gran Canaria, the Itinerant Animayo around the world celebrating actions in Lanzarote, Madrid, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portugal, Prague, India, Colombia €

The Obra Social "la Caixa" hosted Animayo Itinerant within its objective, shared with the Festival, to work towards a society with more opportunities, to promote social initiatives, invest in research and education and disseminate culture and science. "la Caixa" is committed to culture as a tool for personal growth and social cohesion. Hence his effort to bring it closer to all audiences through its permanent centers. Because culture has to be available to everyone.


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