Animated cartoons and a digital exhibition about Galdós in the House-Museum

The Pérez Galdós House-Museum offers students and groups two new educational activities, consisting of a video with animated vignettes and a digital exhibition to disseminate the work of the famous writer from Gran Canaria and celebrate the International Day of the museums. It is an initiative included in the extensive Mayo-Museums program designed by the Council of Culture of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria.

On the one hand, Primary students can see the new video of an adaptation of the novel Doña Perfecta by Benito Pérez Galdós. The artist Rosa Mesa, who has already adapted six works by the Gran Canaria writer to vignettes, has now made animated vignettes of some Galdosian titles in a clear commitment to simplify and bring these great works to a first-time audience accustomed to audiovisual language. This material will be hosted from May in the Educational Resources section of the museum center's website,

The graphic vignette format is a clear bet to bring these incredible novels to an audience accustomed to images, but it is also a bet to condense the vision of the author, a visionary of events that occurred in his time and that cemented the subsequent appearance of a society sensitive to gender equality.

That is why the main objective of the project is to bring the author's work and his vision to young people, and on the other hand, to show some female characters that reveal the changes that we are experiencing today and that were forged in times of the tutor.

On the other hand, Secondary students, adult students and groups can enjoy the new digital exhibition Galdós y Canarias, upon request by sending an email to [email protected] This exhibition shows the most outstanding aspects of Galdós' canarian vocation.


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