Animalists celebrate the death of a 13-year-old boy while hunting in Valladolid – La Provincia

Animalists celebrate the death of a 13-year-old boy while hunting in Valladolid - La Provincia

The organizations Royal Spanish Hunting Federation, National Hunting Organization and Artemisán Foundation have been in contact with the Attorney General of the State so that the criminalization of the hunting sector is not "unpunished" and urge the judicial authority to punish the messages in social networks and profiles of animal associations that foment hatred and that celebrate the death of a young man from Valladolid died last Saturday in a hunting accident.

Thus, the three entities have regretted the death of a young man from Valladolid, express their condolences to the family and friends and condemn the "ruthless and insensitive treatment" that animal and private associations give to the hunting sector and its activity.

In this way, they reiterate their "total" opposition to the proposal of the Government of Pedro Sánchez to reduce the penalties for hate crimes in social networks and, on the contrary, they urge their hardening.

The three entities denounce that the hunters are being subjected to a "continuous campaign of discrimination and social marginalization" orchestrated by associations and radical groups. In fact, they say they are working with the State Attorney General to punish hate crimes against hunters.

For the RFEC, the ONC and the FA It is "unfortunate" that the death of a minor is used to manipulate society and generate hatred towards a collective with prejudices and stereotypes that attack "with impunity" a legal and legal activity such as hunting. In fact, they consider that these attacks occur both from individuals but also from animal associations and their followers, who take advantage of the tragic event to promote themselves.

In this context, ask the Government to reflect about the support that shows these intolerant groups that constantly try to influence society to discriminate and reject groups, such as hunting, who do not agree with their radical and extremist ideology, in a clear attempt to marginalize hunters for defending their Lifestyle.

Among the messages denounced by the group for its publication on social networks are some such as: "That will be his father's trophy""As the child was related to hunting, it is natural selection in favor of society, as happens with facades, it must be eliminated before they become adults, they end up being hereditary replicas", "I congratulate your parents with all my heart", "Hunters are a danger against people" or "Well dead is where they are taken".

In this way, they demand that the Government toughen the penalties of hate crimes in the face of the Executive's proposal that would entail a "true 'Corsican patent' for these 'haters' and it would leave groups such as hunters, their families, companies, sector workers, sympathizers and consumers completely helpless. "

Finally, the collective claims that it suffers a "growing wave of opportunistic and indiscriminate attacks with the intention of discrediting and marginalizing them socially, in the purest dictatorial and radical style, attacks that can not be protected under the umbrella of freedom of expression."

On the other hand, they also remind hunters of the importance of follow "strictly" the rules and safety recommendations in the handling of hunting weapons and during the development of the hunting days.


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