Animal activists demand to go to the beach with dogs because "they are members of the family"

Among the more than 3,000 beaches in Spain, "just over 90 allow access with dogs," denounces PACMA

EFE A Coruna

More than two hundred people from the animal rights group have demonstrated this Monday to demand being able to go to the beach accompanied by their dogs that "are members of the family" and
They are barely allowed access to some 90 sandbanks of the more than 3,000 in the country.

The PACMA Animalist Party has organized a mobilization in A Coruña under the slogan 'Beaches for all' with the request to increase the sandbanks that animals can access.

The PACMA coordinator in the province of A Coruña, Manuela García, has read a manifesto with her main demands: “We have come to demand free access for dogs to our beaches. We demand to be able to go down accompanied by our dogs who are members of our family.”

He has said that the "example" of "this unjust situation" is in the fact that "among the
There are more than 3,000 beaches in Spain, just over 90 allow access with dogs«.

Would you like to go with your dog to the beach?

"There is no hygienic-sanitary report that links the presence of dogs on the beaches with any type of risk or problem for bathers," he declared.

That is why in this mobilization, with more than two hundred attendees according to their own data, they demand that the animals "can go down without any time slot or space."

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