Animal abuse in the Canary Islands | Overcrowded, malnourished and abandoned: as dogs suffer in the canyons of the Canary Islands - La Provincia

Laura Duarte, president of PACMA and candidate for the Presidency of the Government, together with the PACMA coordinators and candidates in the Canary Islands, Iris Sanchez, by Las Palmas, and Yolanda Morales, for Tenerife, has documented the "terrible situation in which the dogs used for hunting on the island are bad ". Dirt, hunger, thirst and absence of the slightest hygienic and veterinary conditions is what these animals suffer.

With your visit to Fataga ravine or Agüimes in Gran Canaria and to Bollullo or Martíanez ravines in Tenerife, the PACMA representatives they have been able to verify that the confinement in ravines is a habitual practice between the canarian hunters to keep the animals surrounded. "In fact it is something that happens in all the islands of the archipelago," they say. "The hunters build with demolition material, scrap and planks, the sheds that take advantage of the hollows of the ravines. There they keep the dogs confined, providing them with food once or twice a week and taking them out just to hunt. In some cases, the constructions in which they are enclosed do not have any type of window to the outside forcing them to live in permanent darkness and without ventilation, "they add.

They ensure that this type of folds are built on non-developable public land and blame the Canary Government, the Cabildos and city councils of passivity to this type of events, despite having received more than a dozen PACMA complaints, they turn a deaf ear to this situation.

In addition, other Canary organizations and individuals have denounced the state of abandonment and abuse that involves keeping dogs in these conditions. All complainants highlight the inaction of the authorities in the face of these claims without taking measures that really protect the animals.

In the videos now broadcast by PACMA, you can see how the animals are chained, confined in small cubicles and surrounded by garbage and dirt. In one of the images taken it can be seen how a dog is feeding on the remains of another dead animal. What is not strange, because they hardly have food or clean water among the piles of garbage that make up your home.

During last summer, when fires ravaged the islandsPACMA published a video in which members of the EMU rescued two dogs, which were locked in one of these ravines, of dying burned by the flames.

PACMA He wants to make visible this situation that endangers, not only the lives of the animals themselves, but also that of the people who inhabit the islands. The usurpation of public land, in addition to being a crime typified by the Criminal Code, prevents in case of emergency or catastrophe the access of people and emergency teams.

PACMA requires that the authorities take measures to end this type of facility and with those who exercise this type of abuse towards animals.


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