January 24, 2021

Anglica Castellano abri The Canary Museum to children – The Province

Anglica Castellano abri The Canary Museum to children - The Province

The director of El Canary Museum, Angélica Castellano Suárez, He died last night last Thursday at 48 years of age suddenly. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, she had three daughters and for just over two years she was in charge of one of the most historical cultural institutions in the archipelago. Those who knew her yesterday highlighted her responsible and courageous character in the professional field, as well as her affectionate and friendly attitude on a personal level. It was the writer's couple Santiago Gil.

Chiqui, as she also called herself, was one of the two daughters of the marriage formed by Pedro Castellano and Angélica Suárez, owners of the old Caspe stores. She was also a granddaughter of Alfonso Suárez, owner of the famous hardware store The columns of the main street of Triana. Businessman Ángel Ferrera, who knew her since she was a child because of her friendship with her parents, emphasized yesterday that she was always a person "very responsible, very affectionate and with very good feelings".

Castellano Suárez graduated in Business Management and Administration for the University of Saint Louis in the USA, where he specialized in International Economy and Marketing. Then he was trained in the Knowledge Society. It was then when Ferrera decided to sign her to join the Atlantic Center for Strategic Thinking (Catpe) as executive director between 2013 and 2016. "Professionally she was very valuable, very creative, always with new initiatives and proposing things," she commented.

The also businessman Alberto Cabré, with whom he shared his years in the Catpe, he described the "tremendous loss" that is the death of Angélica Castellano. "He was a very prepared person, very willing, very analytical in his conclusions and his studies". "We form," he continued, "an extraordinary team." One of the objectives of Chiqui was to contribute to "the progress of our land," said the former president of the Canarian Confederation of Businessmen, who added: "It was very involved in a report on the knowledge society and the progress we had to make to the education in the Canary Islands"

That love for his land moved him to Canary Museum, body that was incorporated as director on October 1, 2016. The president of the institution founded in 1879, Diego López, said yesterday of Castellano that "he turned to do educational activities for children, he worked a lot with schools and colleges, the museum is constantly full of children." Likewise, he stressed that during the last two years he contributed to give a greater public projection of the museum with complementary activities and press articles, in addition to giving greater importance to social networks. "He brought current news" to the historic institution, he said.

"She was a very vital, determined, courageous, hardworking, active woman," said López. "Very athletic," said Cabré, who remembered the jokes he made when he participated in one of the best mountain races in the Canary Islands such as Transgrancanaria or Transvulcania. "I did not know how I could do so many kilometers and so much effort (?) He loved to walk through the mountains of Gran Canaria." And is that another of his passions was nature and hiking, so he took advantage of any time to kick the roads of the island.

That vitality that gave off caused his death to take friends and family by surprise. Last Thursday he felt bad and warned El Canary Museum that he could not go to work. At night, his friends knew his death. The museum itself gave the news through social networks: "Today [por ayer para el lector] we have to communicate a sad news: our director Angélica Castellano Suárez has died, "said the brief message, adding that the institution" deeply regrets this loss "and expressed his condolences to his entire family" in these difficult times " .

The Cabildo of Gran Canaria, meanwhile, stressed in a statement the commitment of Angélica Castellano with the "dissemination of the remarkable legacy linked to the indigenous culture that is kept in the museum." The president of the insular administration, Antonio Morales, emphasized the impulse that had given to the museum, "revitalizing its institutional dimension and contributing with its dynamic role to position the cultural offer of the centenary entity".

Other institutions such as Atlantic Center of Modern Art (CAAM) Lamented in social networks the loss of Angélica Castellano, whose body was incinerated last night.


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