April 15, 2021

Angermund revalida triumph in the Maratn del Meridiano – The Province

Angermund revalida triumph in the Maratn del Meridiano - The Province

Stian Angermund left no room for surprise. The Nordic runner met the predictions and revalidated the victory achieved in 2018 in the Meridian Marathon, an event that was included for the first time in the international Golden Trail National Series circuit.

The appointment of Herrera yesterday was a big day and again had a wide following. In addition, the winner established a new historical record in the distance queen, the 42 kilometers. With a time of 3.40: 55, he exceeded the mark that he achieved in the previous edition. For its part, Silvia Puigarnau won the first place in the women's category with a time of 4.54: 01.

Along with Stian Angermund, the male podium was completed, also with good marks, Eduard Hernández (3.45: 25) and Pablo Villalobos (3.45: 44), second and third respectively. As for the drawer female, Fátima Sanmartín (5.10: 39) and Sonia Amat (5.24: 03) accompanied Silvia Puigarnau.

At the end of his participation in El Hierro, the Norwegian athlete Stian Angermund highlighted the value of enjoying the landscapes offered by the island, and above all praised the work carried out by the volunteers at all times with the runners.

That warmth of the Herrera and the beauty of the areas where the races take place make the Marathon of the Meridian a reference test and an attractive appointment for many runners to repeat.

As for the distance of 27 kilometers, in men the first place went to Javier Sosa, with a time of 2.25: 45. In second place, Alejandro Mayor entered the line (2.32: 51). Óliver Santana did the third (2.38: 38).

As for the females, the first to cross the ribbon was precisely the winner of the Vertical Kilometer Jinama Cicar, Ana Cristina Portillo (3.14: 43). They were followed by Lucía Pérez (3.18: 56) and Ángela Morales (3.34: 35), in that order.

In the 18 kilometers, Arezki Habibi (1.30: 18) in the male section and Concepción Rodríguez (2.06: 46), in the feminine. The first shared a podium with Carlos Jesús Hernández (1.32: 38) and Hanot Echevarría (1.33: 25). She did it with Yolanda Infante (2:11:01) and Zaira Hernández (2:12:25).

The drawer of the distance of the nine kilometers had pure Herreño flavor. Both were crowned by very young runners of the Island: Javier Fernández (40:40), from Isora, and Almudena Hernández (1.03: 13), from Frontera.


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