December 4, 2020

Àngels Chacón, proclaimed PDeCAT candidate with 93% support in the primaries

The former councilwoman Àngels Chacón was proclaimed PDeCAT candidate for the Catalan elections this Monday after obtaining 93.14% of votes in favor in the party’s primaries, being the only one who appeared in said process. This has been explained by sources from the PDeCAT executive to Europa Press, who have also specified that 4.13% have voted no, and 2.73% have abstained, with a participation of 39.2%.

The electoral weapons of PDeCAT: 200 mayors, funding for the campaign and the key to the majority in Congress

The electoral weapons of PDeCAT: 200 mayors, funding for the campaign and the key to the majority in Congress

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Chacón gathered 1,232 endorsements to appear in the PDeCAT primaries, exceeding the thousand that were required to do so, among which that of the former president of the Generalitat Artur Mas, the former mayor of Barcelona Xavier Trias and that of 150 mayors of Catalonia.

In a speech before the party executive, chaired by David Bonvehí, Chacón thanked those who voted for her support and also for having maintained her commitment to PDeCAT, a clear example of her “personal and political strength.” “Many doubted that we would get here, or believed that we would give in to pressure, but this project is not about positions or chairs. Above people, there are collective projects, above all else is our country,” he stressed.

Chacón has defended that they have made resignations in favor of Catalonia and that they have always sought to add, and that an example of this was the constitution of JxSí and the JxCat formula. “We are independentists, yes, but we do not want to renounce our country model. We demand respect for ideological diversity,” he insisted, after maintaining that authentic transversality arises from the ability to build agreements from different positions based on mutual recognition, the dialogue and consensus.

“Unity is not equal to uniformity,” said Chacón, who has defended that PDeCAT will continue to be committed to defending the rights and freedoms of Catalonia, and has shown solidarity with the independence prisoners and those who live outside of Spain as a result of the 1-O. Thus, he has accused the powers of the State of offering “clear signs of democratic degradation”, and has warned that complex times are coming and that there is work to build positively to achieve a free Catalonia.


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