Angeliño, the side that earned his name | sports

Angeliño, the side that earned his name | sports

In the computer system that encompasses everything that is done in the sports city of Barcelona there are, for a long time, several reports about it. There was interest in signing him when he played in cadets, but he chose England before La Masia. And not long ago it was discussed the possibility of accompanying Jordi Alba on the side, before Valverde was decided by the squad Miranda. "We chose another way", they resolve from the Barca sports area; "But he's a very good footballer, with speed, dribbling and arrival." It is Ángel Esmorís Tasende (Coristanco, A Coruña, 21 years old), also known as El Potro, Angelino, Anyelino and now Sampa in PSV, rival of Barça.

Angel always wanted to be a football player and did not hesitate to air it when he fantasized with his friends, who responded with a loud laugh because they considered him too short. But who saw him play was captivated by his speed of execution and thought. "I put him behind, but he did not have a hand to count the goals he scored every weekend," recalls Ambrosio Oróns, one of his technicians at the Luis Calvo Sanz school, where he began at age four. There was a trick; his grandfather José gave him one euro for every so much. So from the club, in jest but with the idea of ​​making him understand the game, they said they would give two for each assistance. Lesson learned by the side, which continued to dislodge the rivals until the age of alevín he signed the Dépor. By then, it was known as El Potro because of its speed and intensity.

It did not stop the progression of Angel, who with 15 years received the call from Manchester City. "Madrid and Barça were interested, but I wanted to learn English because that would help me find a job if something was not right," says the player. There, under the orders of former player Patrick Vieira, ended up becoming the best player of the subsidiary of the 2014-15 season, as well as being part of the ideal team of the Youth League and landing in the Spanish U-17 team. He spent even six months on the American platform of the New York City. "I learned a lot because I was with players who had won everything (like David Villa) and that helped me," he says.

Upon his return, the call of Manuel Pellegrini, then the first team coach, who in 2016 called him for an FA Cup game against Aston Villa, was not long in coming. He played a couple of duels more, but he did not finish settling as citizen. Not even with Guardiola, who took him to China in the preseason to finish assigning him to Girona. I stopped being Anyelino, as he was called in England.

It happened that in Girona the guarantee of minutes on the mat was not clear and 30 days later he went to Mallorca, where he passed his worst course due to the lack of competitiveness of the team. But last year came an offer from NAC Breda and he did not hesitate. "Everything went well", he recalls, proud because the stadium sang him -this time with a new nickname- every two times his song: "Angelino, lolololo". Such was the outbreak, that PSV offered 5.5 million to City and took it this summer. "It's a big step", acknowledges the side, indisputable for coach Mark Van Bommel because he is the third player who adds more minutes in the course (1790), just one from De Jong and 10 from goalkeeper Zoet.

"The mister asks me the same thing as everyone, which is not to lose the ball and play it as short as possible. And since he wants to dominate the game with the ball, he demands that when we lose, we try to recover it as soon as possible, "he explains, while expressing his sympathy with him because" he is serious when he plays and is released when needed. " This is Sampa -mote that Maxi Romero gave him because he finds him similar to Sampaoli; defense of PSV. Or, simply, it's Angel Tasende, the side who has earned his name.

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