Ángeles Batista will be number two from UxGC to the Cabildo de Gran Canaria

Angeles Batista and Jose Maria Ponce. / C7

The current councilor of the island corporation defends that "Gran Canaria must take advantage of its strategic geographical location for the European and African markets, and it is necessary to diversify the island's economy"

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The counselor of
United for Gran Canaria (UxGC) in the island council,
Angeles Batistawill be number two for José María Ponce on his list for the presidency of the
Council of Gran Canariaas the insular formation has revealed.

Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Ángeles Batista is a Technician in Administration and Financial Accounting, and in Project Management. She has worked as administrative and financial manager in Civil Works Companies, later as administrative and financial manager of the Special Employment Center for People with Disabilities, presiding over the foundation for the training and social and labor integration of people at risk of social exclusion.

He is also a member of the Governing Council of the IASS Socio-Health Care Institute, of the Gran Canaria Island Energy Council, Valora Gestión Tributaria, and the Canary Islands Foundation for Adapted Transportation. On the political level, Batista has been a councilor for the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council (2014-2019). Currently he is
Councilor of the Island Councila position he has held since 2019.

Together with Ponce, they will put into operation the administrative machinery of the island's government, "in collapse in most of the essential services that are provided, the execution of the Socio-Health Infrastructure Plan -extended up to four times-, the adequate modernization and improvement in the care of our elderly and dependent people, in addition to the improvement in the Cooperation Plans with city councils and non-profit associations, the improvement in Housing policies, etc.”

«Gran Canaria», he adds, «must take advantage of its strategic geographical location for the
Europe and Africa marketand it is accurate
diversify the economy of our island. This moment is a unique opportunity to achieve a goal that has often been considered unrealizable, such as increasing industrialization in a very powerful and sustainable way, and achieving technological leadership through European funds, public-private collaboration and specific training. of the workers”, warns the counselor. In this line, Batista has highlighted that the insular institution «
You cannot have more than 600 million euros in your accountsdespite the needs that citizens have, for not knowing how to execute the budgets ».

The candidacy headed by José María Ponce, for United for Gran Canaria, seeks, in the words of the candidate himself, "to defend the need for a party from Gran Canaria that reactivates the island's economy", and trusts that the citizens of Gran Canaria will bet "for getting out of the tripartite immobility, opting for a real growth option for the island, which returns it to its rightful place, a place of progress."

For Ponce, the non-existence of a Gran Canarian party has led this island, "despite contributing much more in terms of IRPF and IGIC collection than the rest of the islands combined", to be "the one that receives the least investment per inhabitant". Reasons why he returns to politics, after more than ten years away from it. "Only a party of an insular nature, whose only ideology is the defense of Gran Canaria, could convince me," he stressed.

United for Gran Canaria aspires to lead a historic change on the island, a political force that "really defends Gran Canaria and changes the conditions and the imbalance that the island has been enduring for 30 years."