Ángel Víctor Torres wants to repeat as a candidate for the Presidency

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He acknowledges that three difficult years have been overcome and has defended the management of an Executive from which "a better Canary Islands" will emerge

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The general secretary of the Canarian PSOE and president of the Canary Islands,
Angel Victor Torreshas expressed its willingness to
repeat candidacy in the next regional elections in May 2023 and has been convinced that the management of the current executive,
"a better Canary Islands will come out«.

Torres, in his speech in the first regional committee after last November's congress, has indicated that
It's been three difficult years and has assured that the intention of the PSOE is not to revalidate the data obtained in May 2019 "but to improve them and we are in a position to do so."

He has indicated that society has been aware that in difficult times it had
politicians "who were breaking down" in solving the problems and has trusted that the last year of the legislature can be carried out "normally".

"These days
I am happy to see people smile, to see their faces and feel that life has overcome the fear of death“The Canarian president has underlined in reference to the recovery of the festivities in the municipalities after the years of the covid pandemic.

25 mayors repeat

Regarding next year's elections, Torres has pointed out that they are already
25 mayors who have transferred to the party their predisposition to repeat as candidates and among them he has cited the mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, to whom the PSOE opened an expulsion file that was annulled by the justice system.

Torres has pointed out that the Canary Islands of today is better than the one found in 2019 and has assured that in the face of a vision
"weeper, complainer" of the previous Executive, his party defends a “proud” Canary, that defends its identity, its idiosyncrasy, that proposes and disposes and is resistant.
That falls and gets up and that is the Canary Islands of these three years«.

In his opinion, the management of the government has changed the vision of the Archipelago and has indicated that it is normal for city councils and councils to want to be the headquarters of the new organizations that
will host the islands as the National Center for Volcanology or the European Tourism Agency although he has been convinced that wherever it is, it will benefit the eight islands.

"Some thinking about the elections understand public management as the attack of other administrations and thus divert attention from their management and that is
a gesture of cowardiceTorres said.

The challenges

The socialist leader has detailed some of the challenges that, as he has argued, his government has achieved as
public schooling of children from 0 to 3 yearsthe increase in teachers and health workers, the increase in public health beds, the
competencies in coastal matters or to the
upcoming approval of the Climate Change law.

It has also defended, among other areas, safety management in which, with the advice of technicians and scientists, it has been possible to ensure that there have been no human losses in fires or volcanic eruptions.

He has also referred to the political stability achieved with the partners of the Government of the Canary Islands and has recommended that before
"the fierce attack and slander" is answered
"with arguments, data and reasoning".

As an example, he referred to the controversy over the
free transportation in the Canary Islands and to the accusation of the opposition to create a discriminatory treatment with respect to the transport in the Peninsula.

In this regard Torres has said
"who turn their backs on the canaries who lie to them" and has defended that Canarian transport is the one that receives the most aid from the entire State.

He has valued the relationship with the current Government of Spain and has underlined that, although there have been some differences, "we must be fair" because, among other issues, it has been possible to solve the road agreement, the Ertes and the ICO credits for the affected of La Palma or the use of the surplus by municipalities or councils in municipalities.

It has also been pointed out that more than
70 percent of the financing of the next regional budget will come from the State.

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