Ángel Martín: "Everyone is wrong"

Ángel Martín: "Everyone is wrong"

Ángel Martín is one of the great protagonists of the opening day of the fair. / C7

Ángel Martín presents this Wednesday, at 6:00 p.m., at the Book Fair in the capital of Gran Canaria, his successful book 'In case the voices come back'

Victoriano Suarez Alamo

The brain is capable of having a life of its own. We think that
Is under control, that the electrical flashes that they have taught us that mark their day to day we have them tied in short. But sometimes, what happens mentally escapes us completely. The monologist, screenwriter, presenter, actor, musician and 'streamer'
Angel Martin suffered it and his devastating experience has been reflected in
'In case the voices come back' (Planet)a volume that is now in its 12th edition and that this afternoon, starting at 6:00 p.m., is being presented at the
Saramago tent of the 34th edition of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Book Fair, in the San Telmo Park.

The psychotic break
had in 2017 forced his
internment. Before, mental problems, to a greater or lesser extent, were already present in the life of this popular Spanish comedian. “Everyone is wrong, but we have normalized the fact that we are not well and it seems to us that something very serious needs to happen to mention it.
I think there are very few people who are satisfied with how things are goingbut we wait for something tragic to happen to worry about us and that doesn't make sense, "he says by phone.

the problem is listening

Mental problems are
taboo forever. Admitting in public that in our minds not everything is going as we think it should be is not easy, while if we suffer from another disease, making it known is usually not so traumatic. «
The problem is that we don't know how to listen well.. We tend to say that what is hard for us is talking about mental health, when what is really hard for us is listening to talk about mental health. If someone who has a problem and has decided to take measures, for which he has been admitted to a center for a period of time or is on sick leave because he suffers from depression, had the feeling that mentioning it in public would not cause those who listen to him to see him with prejudiced, labeled, or viewed as invalid, I wouldn't be shy about mentioning it. The main problem is not that it is difficult for us to mention it, but rather that it is so difficult for people to hear that this type of thing happens, ”says Ángel Martín. Hence, it stands out that there is
“normalize listening”. "It is the most important and urgent," says the artist.

'In case the voices come back' was born out of a lack that Ángel Martín himself detected when he went out on the street after being admitted to hospital. «
The book is written with the intention that if someone is looking for it and needs it, they have a place to find it.. When I left the hospital I looked for a book that would give me the clue of how to come back after going through something like that. I was looking for the experience of someone who had gone through the same thing and had come out ahead, because it was something that at that time seemed impossible to me. And I didn't find that book », she acknowledges.

When he returned to the street, Martín comments, his brain “did not work”. “I thought that life had ended and that I could only stay quiet in a corner to wait for everything to end”, says with sincerity who today has successfully resumed his professional activity in different media and on the internet his podcast
'everyday mysteries' and the humorous space
'Morning information to save time'.

an overwhelming success

The success of his book, he confesses, is proving "overwhelming." "I haven't had time to process everything that's going on.
We have many signatures throughout the month. It is something very intense, beautiful and unexpected that an experience of this type can help people. For me it is the most gratifying », he highlights.

One of the keys to the good reception of the book lies in its different levels of connection. «
Each person receives something different when reading it. I have received very varied messages after reading. There are people who have served in difficult times. Others see it as helping to understand people who are in the same situation I was in. The book, from the messages I have received, helps on different levels », he points out satisfied.


"I'm fine, very well, thanks for asking," Ángel Martín replies when asked how he is today after overcoming the mental well in which he was submerged.

The writer of 'In case the voices come back' says it was a
"hard" and also "liberating" process. «The fact of immersing yourself in those times, just as I am now and going as deep as possible and translating it emotionally so that anyone can understand it, forced me to go back to that time and relive all those emotions, how lost I was when I was in the bottom of that well. But at the same time it was a process
very healing", Explain.

Ángel Martín assures that he did not consult his doctors about the relevance of writing this book or not and he does not even know if they have read it or not. He confesses, yes, that he does not consider writing a second volume. «
I'm not thinking of writing another book, far from it. The experience of writing, for me, is interesting if you have something to tell. I don't see it as an opportunity. What I like is writing comedy shows, monologues... but I don't think about a second book, because that depends on whether I have something to tell and that adds something to people. I have gained a lot of respect for writing after this project », he says.

The good vital and professional moment that he is going through at the moment he faces it in a constructive way. «
I enjoy what happens differently and I try to build something positive around the moment. I'm looking for it to be something solid », he points out.

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