Ángel Garrido withdraws from Ciudadanos months after announcing his retirement from politics

On March 19, he announced that I left politics. And now he also leaves the membership in Ciudadanos, the party in which he ended up after previously leaving the PP. The former president of the Community of Madrid with the PP Ángel Garrido has been discharged this week from the formation led by Inés Arrimadas and with which he attended the 2019 regional elections as number 13 in a surprise operation secretly forged with Ignacio Aguado , former regional leader of Ciudadanos. It was the response to Pablo Casado's decision not to bet on him for those autonomic, the first of Ayuso. In return, the leader of the PP offered him to go from four on the PP list to the European Parliament, an offer that Garrido considered insufficient. In the recent elections of May 4, he was no longer part of any candidacy.

When announcing his departure, Garrido said: "Everything in life has a beginning and an end, also work in politics. Today, after a long period of activity in public life of more than 25 years, it's time to say goodbye," he began. then the letter from Garrido, the one who was regional president for a year after Cristina Cifuentes resigned from office due to the scandal of her fraudulent master's degree. "As of May I will be another citizen. Whoever looks for me will always find me in the center, from where I have never moved," Garrido said goodbye.

In his statement, Garrido regretted that politics had "changed" and that right now there was "a policy of blocs, radicalism and, to a great extent, tension", for him "the worst scenario that could arise." At that farewell, he thanked their welcome at Ciudadanos Madrid, "their love and trust from the first minute to the last" and wished Edmundo Bal luck, who was nominated for the Assembly after Aguado resigned to do so.

In her letter she also referred to the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso: "I know that they have not been two easy years for her or for me." "Sharing the Government Council from different parties, after many years with the same militancy, surely they did not make things especially easy, but without a doubt, beyond this, I am left with the many years of work, of disinterested friendship and mutual help . He will always continue to count on my love and affection, "Garrido told the president.

Since then it has been rumored again that in Genoa he wanted to 'rescue him', something that sources close to the former president of the Community of Madrid have ruled out in statements to El País. Sources of the parliamentary group assure this writing that this return was something "unlikely" because "the sit-in that gave the party in its day felt very bad among his fellow ranks and also in the leadership."

As published by El Confidencial, The former Minister of Transport has returned to the private company, signing as an external advisor –'enior advisor'– of two companies, the real estate developer Gestilar y Dimensia, a logistics engineering company, in which the former politician has been working for more than 25 years, since he is a mining engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. However, this newspaper clarifies that it will not be part of the staff of any of these companies Its functions include participating in technical or management councils, setting objectives and strategy, corporate communication and external relations, as well as managing quality and environmental certifications, preparing sustainability plans or technical engineering work.

Garrido, in addition, has been a talkative since last April of the Risto Mejide program 'Everything is a lie', as are other former politicians, among them, his predecessor in the Madrid presidency Cristina Cifuentes, the former minister and former president of the Congress Celia Villalobos, or the former deputy of Ciudadanos Marcos de Quinto.


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