Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Anfi Tauro Golf and Miguel Cabrera Bello, protagonists of the announcement of a luxury watch - La Provincia

Anfi Tauro Golf and Miguel Cabrera Bello, protagonists of the announcement of a luxury watch - La Provincia

The field of Anfi Tauro Golf has been selected by the Swiss luxury watch brand Tag Heuer for the worldwide launch of its latest sports watch. The installation of the Gran Canaria municipality of Mogán stars in the announcement along with Gran Canaria golfer Miguel Cabrera Bello, brother of Rafa Cabrera Bello.

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For a whole year, the ad that promotes the Tag Heuer Golf, the new creation of the brand, will be broadcast on all continents and in different formats.

The Swiss firm selected Anfi Tauro Golf among 39,000 fields in the world to promote its latest model, which is a "pride" for Anfi. But Gran Canaria will not only be present on stage, professional golf player Miguel Cabrera Bello acts as master of ceremonies with his hits. The announcement of just one minute picks up several hits from Miguel Cabrera Bello in which the clock tells him which stick to take, the exact distance to ensure greater accuracy and 3D images of each hole.

The French production company Curiousfilms He dedicated two full days to the recording in which they used six operators and one drone, which focused on holes 6 and 17, both with views of the sea in the background. "They were looking for a unique and inimitable field and that is what they have found", explain from Anfi, who is pleased to note that the head of the ad indicates where the video was recorded. "The promotion that the field is going to have is worldwide since it will reach millions of people."

This installation, which barely exceeds ten years of life, has managed to rise among the first hundred European golf courses in a short time. "From the first day we always work to improve ourselves and be among the best, something that is endorsed by the choice of Tag Heuer to shoot your ad and that is a recognition of our career and an endorsement of our team, which is committed to the maximum with excellence "they explain from Anfi.

The possibility of being protagonists in this announcement involves climbing several steps as a reference of golf with the consequent pull that would represent at the level of brand and visibility, but, above all, a "reward" for the human team of the field and the best rationing to work well done in recent years.


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