June 13, 2021

Anecdotes and curiosities of the Emmy Awards

Betty White, the oldest Emmy winner.

The delivery gala of the Emmy Awards It is one of the great events for the American television industry, just behind the Oscars and the Golden Globes. However, like any great contest, these awards also keep multitude of anecdotes, curiosities and secrets unknown to the vast majority.

How were they born?

The denomination of the Emmy Awards comes from the cameras that were used on television during the 1940s, when they were born (1949). These devices they were commonly known as Immy, but as part of the team I wanted a title with more feminine characterTo match the female figure in the statuette, it was changed to Emmy.

The secret behind the statuette

Made of copper, nickel, silver and gold, the statuette designed by the television engineer Louis McManus It is valued at around $ 400 (342 euros). Without a doubt, a real gem for which until the winners so you can take it home.

A whole character

Actor, director and writer Alan Alda celebrated his Emmy for best screenplay in a very original way: with a stunt. It was not his first prize in these awards, but it was the one that made him most excited.

Cable TV banned

The series broadcast on cable television did not have their place in the list of nominees of the Emmys until the late 1980s, at which point they had their own awards, the CableACE. Finally, in 1988, the Emmys modified their rules, removing the veto from these fictions.

Nominated over half life

During his nearly 80-year career, Betty white has accumulated a total of twenty-one nominationsEmmy,Emmy winning only four times: 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2010. The actress, known for her performance in ‘The Golden Girls’, won the statuette 10 years ago thanks to her appearance as presenter on ‘Saturday Night Live’.

A puppet, the first winner in history

So it was, more or less. The first statuette that was delivered back in 1949 was for the ventriloquist Shirley Dinsdale, awarded for being “the most prominent personality on television”, thanks to the dolls that starred in his variety show.

Ventriloquist Shirley Dinsdale. EP

And the Emmy goes to … Jackie Kennedy

The widow of the thirty-fifth president of the United States is the only first lady American in owning a statuette. The one who was John Kennedy’s wife took her Trustees Award, an honorary recognition for his “unusual or lasting achievements in the arts and sciences of television.”

No to politics

Despite the fact that in 2017 Stephen Colbert, in charge of presenting the gala, did endless jokes about the presidency of Donald Trump, everything points to politics being frowned upon in Emmy Awards, especially in speeches of thanks. A clear example of this we see with the one that gave Sally field in 2007. The ‘Cinco Hermanos’ actress vindicated her opposition to the war and the FOX chain censored it shamelessly.

Streaming platforms, a turning point

In 2014, ‘House of Cards’ changed history. The Netflix original series managed to sneak into the nominations of the Emmys, being the first fiction from a platform digital in doing it. However, she failed to win any accolades. The first to be awarded was ‘The maid’s tale’, Huluy production that broadcasts HBO.

A gala to remember

Without a doubt, the 72nd edition of the Emmy Awards it will be remembered by all and by all, and not precisely because of the possible controversies that can be generated during the ceremony. And it is that the gala next September 20 will to be the most atypical of all those that have been carried out so far, since it will be held remote form, no red carpet and no audience due to the coronavirus.


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