July 29, 2021

Android works on support for new folding devices – La Provincia

Los nuevos dispositivos plegables.

Android works on the optimization of the operating system for the new category of devices that starts with thefolding screensand in which companies such as Samsung have focused.

Samsung has presented its concept of mobile with flexible screen on WednesdayInfinity Flex, while Google has hosted a developer event in Mountain View (California, United States) where it has shared images of whatthe new conceptsuppose for the mobile operating system.

Mobile phones with folding screensthey can be of two types, as they explain in the blog of Android developers: one in which the screen of the mobile when deployed extends to occupy the entire surface in tablet mode, and another in which the screen of the mobile is on the back of the screen of the tablet. That is, new devices can have one or two screens.

In any case, when you start using the device as a mobile phone and then continue with it,the 'app' in use is transferredwithout interruption to the biggest screen without "losing the rhythm".

For this to be the case, Android is working on the optimization of its operating system with the aim of helping developers to "take advantage of the possibilities" of the new concept and believe "new incredible experiences"


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