Android says goodbye to the names of sweets and desserts - La Provincia

Googlehas announced a change in the nomenclature of its operating systemAndroid, abandoning the names that referred todesserts and sweets, and its new version, which until now was known under the name of developmentAndroid Qwill become known asAndroid 10.

The latest available version of the Android mobile operating system, present in 2.5 billion active devices from smartphones and tablets to vehicles, is the9 Oreo. Google followed the alphabetical order to name each new version of its system,choosing a dessert that starts with each new letter.

Now, Google has changed course with the release of this year's version, Android Q - well known for being a successor to Android O - andwill abandon the alphabetical nomenclatureand the names of desserts betting only on the version number, in this case, Android 10, as Google has reported in a statement.

The American company seeks with this decision that the nomenclature of Android is "as inclusive and accessible as possible", since the previous names" have not always been correctly understood by the international community ", since in some languages ​​for example the L and the R do not differ and some sweets were not known throughout the world.

Google has also updated the Android logo and the color of its brand, with the aim of achieving a "more modern and accessible look", which will begin to be officially used with the launch of Android 10.


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