Android mobiles lose twice the value of iPhones a year after purchase

A Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and an iPhone 11 Pro.

A Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and an iPhone 11 Pro.

The arrival of new mobile phone models affects the price of the previous model, but the devaluation is not the same in a device Android that in one iOS, since a high-end with the Google system can see its price reduced by twice that of an iPhone after a year from its release.

On iPhone loses an average of 16.70 percent of its price per year of its arrival at the market, in front of 33.62 percent of an Android phone, according to the analysis carried out by the price monitor BankMyCell, on the high-end devices, with a price above 700 euros.

After two years, the devices in this range lose 35.47 percent (iOS) and 61.50 percent (Android) of their initial price. The distance is reduced, albeit slightly, at four years: an iPhone loses 66.43 percent of its value while an Android, 81.11 percent.

This trend can be seen in two representative devices of each operating system: iPhone 11 on iOS and Galaxy S20 on Android. The analysis shows that, after nine months of being put on sale, the Samsung mobile has lost 34.73 percent of its value, compared to 12.84 percent of Apple’s.

In the case of the cheapest Android devices, which the analysis identifies with those with a starting price of $ 350 or less, the loss in value after one year amounts to an average of 52.61 percent, of 73, 61 percent at two years and 94.90 percent at four.

For its part, the iPhone SE 2020 model also loses value: after eight months, the average stands at a devaluation of 38.32 percent.


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