Android Auto and Apple CarPlay distract more behind the wheel than alcohol or cannabis - La Provincia

The interaction of drivers with the driving assistance services ofGoogle and Apple, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, is a distraction when driving even more than the consumption of substances such as alcohol or cannabis, according to a study alerted.

The British independent association of drivers and experts IAM RoadSmart has analyzed in an investigation the distractions that present the current systems of 'infotainment'for vehicles, that is, information and entertainment for drivers.

The study, carried out in collaboration with the International Automobile Federation (FIA), has revealed that the use of touch controls of infotainment systems can make drivers look away from the road for up to 16 seconds, even more than when chatting.

The average reaction time of aattentive driverIt is approximately one second, but the use of the Apple CarPlay system through touch controls makes people 57 percent slower to react, and 53 percent in the case of Android Auto.

In the case of voice controls, the reaction time is reduced but still 36 percent longer than that of an attentive driver in the case ofApple CarPlayand 30 percent higher in that ofAndroid Auto.

This data is comparable to that of a driver who uses messaging applications while driving, which slows down by 35 percent, and in all cases is superior to the loss of reflexes for exceeding the limit ofalcoholallowed (12%) or by the consumption ofcannabis(21%), as the study shows.

In addition, the IAM study has warned that drivers who control navigation functions in progress with Apple CarPlay can slow down and the position of the vehicle can deviate up to half a meter from itsrail, reaching up to 0.53 meters in Android Auto.

The drivers who participated in the study, in addition, were up to five seconds more than they believed looking at the screens of these systems instead of the road.

IAM maintains that these reaction times are higher than those recommended by theNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)-the equivalent to DGT in the UK-.

For this reason, the association has claimed the industry and the government "test openlyand approve all infotainment systems and develop consistent standards that help minimize driver distraction, "they conclude.


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