Andrew Cuomo warns Trump that he will never close the torch of freedom

Andrew Cuomo warns Trump that he will never close the torch of freedom

The Governor of the State of New York, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, today took possession of his third term with a speech in which he warned President Donald Trump that "he can close the Government but never the torch of the Statue of Liberty."

The speech was delivered by Cuomo from the island of Ellis, symbol of the American dream of millions of immigrants.

"Let New York say that the federal government can close, but it will never put out the torch of the Statue of Liberty or erase the words of your poem, never close our port, never close our hearts and never close this room of dreamers or will not respect the legacy they left, "he said.

Cuomo, which some analysts see as a possible candidate for the presidency of the United States within two years, also affirmed that it is "the duty of New York, the destiny of New York, once again, to bring the light that opens the way to through the darkness, to show the nation the way forward ".

"That is my commitment to the people of the state of New York, and we begin today," Cuomo redoubled at a time of institutional crisis in Washington after the federal government is partially closed due to the lack of a pact between Republicans and Democrats and that Trump puts as a condition the financing to build a wall between his country and Mexico to stop immigration.

In his speech on the island of Ellis, precisely symbol of the entry of millions of immigrants to the United States, Governor Cuomo has pledged to lead a progressive agenda during the legislature, that offers electoral reform, reinforces the laws on weapons, protect medical care, legalize marijuana and reform the criminal justice system.

"The last time the nation was on the brink of disaster, the governor of New York, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, launched what became the New Deal, it is New York's duty to intervene again with a plan for real progress focused on unity and opportunity, with policies that do not divide us, "said Cuomo.

The speech of the governor of New York, very presidential, comes just as Senator Elizabeth Warren, a party partner, has just announced her candidacy for the 2020 elections.


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