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Andrés Martín, winner of 'La voz': "Winning produces a vacuum, at the moment you feel nothing" | TV

Andrés Martín, winner of 'La voz': "Winning produces a vacuum, at the moment you feel nothing" | TV

Andrés Martín (22 years old, Madrid) has spent a few months playing on the subway to get the chance to record his first album with a great record company after winning on Wednesday night the sixth edition of the talent show musical The voice (now on Antena 3). Martín, who on the screen appears to be shy and calm, responds in a telephone conversation with EL PAÍS with the security that has given him advance in galas to reach the final defending his voice and his music.

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Question. What comes to mind just winning?

Answer. It was a vacuum. All thoughts were taken away from me. There was a moment that I did not have feelings, of these times that you notice that there is something that leaves your body and re-enters. It happens to me that he has not yet come back, I still have the time to assimilate everything that has happened

P. Is it more complicated to act on the subway or on a television set?

R. They have different difficulties, because the set has the thing that it's a Show, which has its viewers, with a very large audience [2.698.000 espectadores de media con un 18,8% de cuota de pantalla]. It is a pressure very different from the subway, there you face directly to what the audience is live and live, you face both good reviews and good faces as people who glares at you, who tells you that annoying

P. What was playing on the subway?

R. So far, versions of songs by artists that I like, more or less what has been seen by my time in the program [Calum Scott, Leonard Cohen, Elvis...].

P. How does that record sound?

R. Like a record that, take me the time it takes me, be one I'm proud of, that every song I like. I have the title clear, Line 10. I want it to be a concept album, which has the concept of representing in songs every metro stop that I go from Plaza de Castilla to Batán, but not mentioning, that a little bit that song has the feeling of the station. That maybe people who listen to that song do it in Plaza de Castilla and say, "this song hits this site," or that they hear a canada song in Príncipe Pío and say, "it's that this place represents me".

P. Any mania before going out to sing?

R. As I usually break the singing voice a lot, I have a bit healthy for an artist. There are people who drink water before a performance to hydrate the throat. My mother cheats me, but what I do is dry her completely. I always smoke a cigarette before. It's funny and counterproductive, but it's real.

P. Would you participate in Eurovision?

R. I do not know. It would be a very ambitious project, but it gives me respect, it implies a lot of responsibility. You are not only representing your music, but you are representing a country. On an artistic level I could, but on a personal level I would have to give it a lot of thought first.

P. A song to be the soundtrack of the electoral campaign ...

R. You lie, From camila. You lie, you're hurting me and then you regret [entona el estribillo], although they do not regret, but good.

P. The voice has competed with Big BrotherWould you participate in a reality A) Yes?

R. I respect the people who do it, but on a personal level I could not, because I like to keep my personal life on the sidelines.

P. What television do you see?

R. I see it a little bit, I am a person who is very much away from home, if I am not in the subway, I am with my friends skating, if not in the house of a friend playing, I am always out. I usually see her at night and what I like the most is to put on movies, I am very cinephile.


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