Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Andrés Martín winner in the final

‘La Voz’: Así se convirtió Andrés Martín en el ganador

Andrés Martín he has gone from being a musician who acted between the wagons of the Madrid Metro to become the winner of
The voice 2019
. The bet of Pablo López was the winner of the final and he won the prize that will allow him to record an album with a great company and perform at a well-known festival this coming summer.

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At just 22 years old, Andrés has had an unstoppable career in the talent show. He arrived being fearful and insecure, according to his words, but he left triumphing on a set that he managed to convert into his own home. In addition, he was able to fulfill a very particular dream: Touch on the subway next to your coach
. Something that, they said, can happen again.

'La Voz': The four finalists await the decision of the public

'La Voz': The four finalists await the decision of the public

After seeing many performances, beyond one o'clock in the morning it was time to say goodbye to the contestants who received the fewest votes. Ángel Cortés and Javi Moya had to say goodbye to their dream of being winners of The voice. Antonio Orozco and Paulina Rubio, their coaches, they could only have words of encouragement and gratitude for their talents.

After acting with Juanes, María and Andrés met Pablo López and Luis Fonsi on stage to learn the final decision of the audience. Noting that it had been a very close final, Eva González announced that Andrés Martín became the winner of the program. "The great winner of this night has been music," he said excitedly.

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