January 24, 2021

Andrea Dovizioso's victory at the Qatar Grand Prix

Andrea Dovizioso's victory at the Qatar Grand Prix

The best year in the history of MotoGP has begun to live up to what was expected. A carrerón to start the course 2019 with victory of Dovizioso that needed until the last curve to get rid of Marquez. The fight between both has been brutal, in a simple appetizer of what can be the remaining 18 races. The spectator has a lot to enjoy with MotoGP, because several brands were up against the triumph and many riders have shown that they have the quality and the bike to steal points from the bigger ones.

He won Dovizioso in his style, stealing the portfolio from Márquez in the last corner, to which the Spaniard comes from behind and tries to rush to the maximum. The Italian opens the door, takes the area inside and accelerates earlier and better to reach the checkered flag. It was a typical victory for Andrea, who at least on a circuit that is favorable, could hit first.

Márquez was not happy, because he only wants to win, but he is aware that this second place is gold and he makes it clear that his superiority is still valid after three consecutive titles.

Crutchlow was third, fourth was Rins, who confirmed his grand final of last year, and fifth Rossi, again resurrected when the calendar indicates that it is Sunday. Quite the opposite that Viñales, "poleman" who threw it all overboard with a disastrous exit.

Lorenzo was in pain in his debut with Honda and could only suffer in the queue of the group. There will be better times for him, his process of adaptation to the motorcycle is beginning. The one that does not need trial periods is Márquez, to which the shoulder responded perfectly and even in a path where the victim touched the triumph.


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