Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Andorra gets into the semifinals at the expense of Iberostar Tenerife – La Provincia

The MoraBanc Andorra he qualified for the semifinals of the Copa del Rey by defeating the Iberostar Tenerife (85-87) in a meeting where fate returned to the Principality team what it took away in Vitoria 2017, when a field behind, which has become the most famous in the history of basketball, which has given rise to a song that since then all fans of basketball sing, and that the members did not point out, caused its elimination before the Real Madrid after an extension. The Ibon Navarro team will face the winner of the Unicaja Málaga-Casademont Zaragoza in one of the semifinals. The other will measure Real Madrid and the Valencia Basket, the executioner’s champion Barça.

First quarter: Shermadini vs. Todorovic

Txus Vidorreta chose to book from start to Shermadini. He did not want the initial revolutions to cost some absurd personal fault to his most decisive player. It soon took the stage and unbalanced the battle under the hoops, although Diagne and Musli were at a good level in the rival. But who hurt the most was Dejan Todorovic. The former player of Bilbao and UCAM Murcia, after the serious injury he suffered last season, has become the axis on which the Principality’s team has broken at an external level. He finished the first quarter with 13 points without any errors. Therefore, the Andorrans went from being dominated (10-5) and taking command of the operations. Two consecutive triples of the Serbian forward were to blame (18-19) for later reaching a maximum income of five points (21.26). Santi Yusta and Dani Díez, the latter with a triple on the horn, came to the rescue of a Iberostar Tenerife which minimized to the maximum end of the first quarter damages caused by Todorovic (27-28).

Second quarter: Diagne leads an outstanding Andorra

A triple by Santi Yusta gave Tenerife the last advantage before the break (32-31). From that moment, the Andorra returned to lead the clash. Mousa Diagne grew up not only under the hoops, but also with pitches from five meters, taking advantage of Shermadini’s problems to get out of the area. The center of Andorra went to 11 points in a second quarter where the Andorrans came to enjoy a maximum income of 42-49 a minute from the end with a Tyson Pérez, who next week will be released as a Spanish international, also dealing blows difficult to assimilate for his rival. A three-second basket of Huertas del Limit brought Tenerife back to life (44-49), which, thanks to the five points added to the limits of each period, avoided a major disadvantage.

Third quarter: 12 losses of Tenerife for only 4 of Andorra

Andorra reached up to twice in the third quarter one nine point rent. The first was with 47-56, to which the island group responded with a 12-3 run that again matched the forces (59-59) after a triple by Marcelinho Huertas. The problem for Tenerife was within the area. Shermadini was not comfortable in pairing with Musli, who grew up. The ‘five’ even committed the fourth foul at 1:97 of the end in an offensive action where Musli clouded him. A triple by Konate (62-68) gave way to a technique for protesting Vidorreta. And in the last action, Todorovic claimed a foul from Santi Yusta who took four seconds from the end to score two free throws (62-70). The 12 losses, 5 in this quarter, of the insular by only 4 of the Andorran were decisive for that partial victory.

Fourth quarter: Marcelinho Huertas almost succeeds

Marcelinho Huertas, who was only four minutes sitting on the bench throughout the game, was the determining factor. The Brazilian’s experience brought Iberostar Tenerife out of two borderline situations, the first with 67-75 and the second with 70-77. Shermadini returned and pressed the marker to the position of turning around it with a partial 8-0 (78-77, min. 36). The fifth lack of Santi Yusta gave way to an 80-84 at 1:50 of the end. But the Tenerife team pulled experience. Huertas put the 85-84 at 35 seconds from the end in a great play of fundamentals. Nacho Llovet replied tracing the baseline (85-86) with 27 seconds left. There was still a lot. Huertas lost it by stepping on the bottom line at 3 of the end and in the throw-in, with everything in favor for Andorra, which was not yet in the bonus, Massenat committed foul on Huertas. Tenerife regained possession after reviewing the team’s play and in the subsequent throw-in, Konate fell to the ground in the fight, decreeing the missing team on Clevin Hannah, who went to the free throw line with 2 seconds left. The American scored one and failed the second, not giving Tenerife time to mount another attack.


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