Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Ander Gil says that the very serious youth unemployment is a matter of State

Ander Gil says that the very serious youth unemployment is a matter of State

Unemployment that affects the young population of the country is a "state" issue, according to PSOE spokesman in the Senate, Ander Gil, who has stressed the need for a national employment plan to end the "very serious" "Existing youth unemployment rates.

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During his visit to Segovia, Gil explained in statements to the media that without the PSOE there is a risk of going back on issues that affect young people.

In addition, he has argued that this plan must be accompanied by measures taken by his party in the electoral program, such as grants for access to housing and rent or basic income for emancipation.

Communities like Castilla y León that lose young population need, in their opinion, "a bold government, political leadership and proposals" that serve as a stimulus for young people to "come back, stay and develop their life project".

On the other hand, Gil has referred to the importance of the general elections, which will take place on April 28, because the country "runs the risk" of retrogressing in rights and freedoms that have been achieved in the 40 years of democracy, has warned.

To ensure these improvements and avoid privatization has advocated to "shield" the pension system in order that "no party has the temptation to lower them" and to end with what has been described as "dictatorship" that limited the rise to 0 , 25 percent, which caused pensioners to lose purchasing power.


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