Ander Elosegi wins the C1 silver at the Slalom World Cup - La Provincia

The Basque paddler Ander Elosegi has won this Saturday the silver medal in the test of C1 during the World Canoeing Championship in Slalom, which is being held in La Seu d'Urgell (Lleida), while the Basque Maialen Chourraut also finished tenth in the final of K1.

Chourraut, double Olympic medalist, has run out of medal; but it has achieved nominal place for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Similarly, the Elosegi runner-up has earned a ticket to go to the Japanese capital next summer, in addition to signifying the fourth medal of the Spanish delegation in this World Cup event .

The closing will take place this Sunday at the Parc Olímpico del Segre, and there Spain has five paddlers in the semifinals. After be seventh in the semifinal disputed just two hours before the final, Elosegi has proclaimed runner-up in the world with a descent without penalty and crediting a time of 91.35 seconds.

It has only been surpassed by the Frenchman Cedric Joly, author of a time of 90.84 seconds. The Irun canoeist Tokyo will play its fourth Olympic Games, after having participated in Beijing 2008 and London 2012, in which he finished fourth in both, and also in Rio 2016, being eighth.

Joly, visibly excited after being a leader, has been unbeatable this time for the last remaining players to participate and has won the gold medal. The bronze was for Slovak Luka Bozic for completing his descent in 91.92 seconds. Happy for his performance in the competition, Elosegi said he was "very happy to start with a team silver medal anddig with another individual silverl ".

For the Spanish paddler, it was "a perfect day because in the semifinals I secured the Olympic place and the qualification for a final in which I take the money with a drop that I enjoyed a lot"On his presence at the Tokyo Games, Elosegi has claimed to be" excited "and looks" in good shape to improve the results I had in my previous three Olympics. "

In the men's team canoe test (MC1), the world runners-up next to him Miquel Travé and Luis Fernández, they have not surpassed the semifinal when finishing respectively in the 17th and 28th positions. In addition, Chourraut has skipped gate 20 in one of the final lifts and has been penalized with 50 seconds, remaining without any chance.

The other two Spaniards in the semifinals have been in 19th place, for Laia Sorribes (103.08 seconds), and in the 28th, for Marta Martinez (110.51 seconds). Gold has been taken by Slovenian Eva Tercelj with a clean descent at the end, without pressure after a discreet semifinal in which she had been sixth. With a time of 94.27 it has been imposed on the Australian and great favorite Jessica Fox, with +0.42, and the third in the drawer has been the New Zealand Luuka Jones, with +0.50.

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